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 NERF LASER OPS PRO - Father Son Laser Tag Battle

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Welcome to Bradley's Toy Time father-son laser tag action going on oh my god did I get you laser tag at the park day he got me locked and loaded oh my goodness he's going rampant where is he oh my goodness he's underneath me he got me again it's rearmed and ready to go nope he's not in there Oh he snuck up underneath me what he got me that's three kills for Bradley reloading I'm on the defense my god - how did you get me - that's three to one - you are beating me by two kills got him finally - he's been very elusive he's fast oh my goodness he's on the attack he got me again he's fast were is he i gotta reload here gone on the hunt gone on the hunt we got a little playground laser tag going on here - where is he he retreated - he saw me coming - he saw me coming I'm going on the attack oh my goodness he got me again he got me again six-to-one he's beating me - I'm reloading I'm locked and loaded where is he gotta hunt him down I see him I got him I got him - what - how that's six to one - I think you're beat me by four back at it he's taking up position he's hiding you got me he got me through the slide I'm coming for you I'm gonna take you down he snuck up on me oh my goodness he got me again you got me again I'm coming for you this time all right here we go - last round oh he's waiting for me you beat me how many times hey thanks for watching our latest video here at Bradley's Toy Time please be sure to give us a huge thumbs up hit that subscribe button click the bell to make sure you get notified every time we upload a new video and of course drop us a comment and tell us what you think of our videos here at Bradley Toy Time

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Posted by: bradleystoytime on Dec 30, 2018

 NERF LASER OPS PRO - Father Son Laser Tag Battle...

Bradley takes on Dad in an epic Nerf Laser Tag game at the playground. Who is going to win?

Bradley's ToyTime is excited to play a game of laser tag at the park. Watch the entire video to the end to see who wins the Nerf battle.

This is an epic Nerf Battle between Father and Son. Dad was on defense for most of the match as Bradley as running rampant and surprise attacking from all angles in the Nerf Battle at the playground in the park.

This was one incredible Father Son Laser Tag game!

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