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Noella Gray - Edit 1

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- My research really is ultimately concerned with how we conserve the oceans, the decision-making processes that we collectively engage in in order to do that oceans conservation work and then... what consequences there are of those decisions for people and for their relationship with the ocean. I have done local scale projects, a lot of my work is international whether it's a sea turtle conservation project that brings in tourists to help and provide funds for the community, or whether it's a really large scale marine protected area that's designed to protect pristine reef in the middle of the Pacific. And so I'm interested in how do these projects impact on people, how are people involved in them, and how do people perceive their consequences. Both for the oceans, and nature and for themselves. I'm really motivated to undertake my work because ultimately we rely on a healthy planet for everything we do. And, you know, in some ways we've come a long way in the last 30 years in terms of our understanding of the environment and how it works, but in other ways we really haven't come very far at all in understanding how to organize collectively to address our most pressing environmental problems. And so that's what really motivates me is we continue to have these...these pressing challenges and if we're gonna do something about them we actually need to figure out the people side of the equation in ways that are both effective for addressing the conservation problems and equitable in terms of their outcomes for people.

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Noella Gray - Edit 1

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