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EN - Mary Makin - DateATon 2018

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Hi, guys! Fortune is in the follow-up and the follow through. And you know what? I too started this business just like you. Yes, you! I started this business as a Consultant just like you. Someone saw some potential in me and followed up with me. Not once, not twice, probably quite a few more than three times because she saw something in me. And I am so grateful to her for that. So I like to be able to share this with everyone else. The fortune is in the follow-up and the follow through. Don't let that know be a missed opportunity for you. Follow up with customers. Follow up with those people that you meet. Not a core of our business, right? It is the in-home party and demonstration. That is where we meet most of our potential hostesses, most of the people that we get to share their amazing business opportunities that they can have with Tupperware because this business opportunity, guys, it may not be for everyone for a lifetime, but it's for everyone to give it a try. They never know. I had no idea where this business would take me, and look at me now! So I am so thankful that someone followed up with me and kept sharing the information. And let me be a host with the most, and now I've grown a business. Love the potential that's there. So wanna make sure that we offer that to everyone else? The in-home party. Right, guys? We share the opportunity, that's the core. Now there are other places, our Facebook parties, our Snapchat events, your Instagrams, your Twitter. There are other places to reach out to customers, right? And have a friend finding missions. If you got friend finding before, lots of fun. We meet great people, somebody out at the park, somebody pumping gas at the gas station, somebody with the dog, walking with the dog. There are all sorts of people out there for you to meet. Are you doing vendor events? Halfords, are you doing home expos? Guess what, guys? When we do those events, you wanna make sure that the core of what you have set up and what you're sharing is the Tupperware business opportunity and the amazing host gifts and host specials, the core products of our business, right? We wanna make sure we're doing things and that's what we're showing those opportunities. We wanna focus on those things when we're out. So when you are doing those events, are you getting people's information? Now, yes. You may see lots and lots and lots of people. Not every person is looking for the information. So you wanna make sure you're getting information from those people who want a little bit of follow up or who are looking for pieces or products are willing to chat with you because the fortune is in the follow-up with those customers and those people. So they didn't date you right there at the event, they didn't date you right there as you met them in the park, they didn't date you right there as you met them at the drive-through getting your fresh cup of morning coffee, they didn't date you right there. But that doesn't mean they're saying no to you. They're saying follow-up with me. Most of them are. They just don't realize there. So when you meet these people, you want to get some information and that's gonna be really important information to get, so you can follow up with them. I encourage my team, we are no takers. I highly recommend in no taker. When you have those order forms from the party, maybe you don't do it right there at the party in front of them, but as they walk away you scribble a little note at the top or you stick a post it on with the notes. Now I'll tell you what those notes what you wanna make sure you get. When you're at those vendor opportunities, when you're at fiend finding, and you're scribbling the notes right down there because you want to remember this person, you want to remember why you remember this person. So how do you follow up? What do we need? First, you're taking your notes, right? You want to find out from them, what's the schedule like? What do they do? Why did they say no to you in the beginning? Is it because they have a small apartment? Is it because they have a busy schedule? It's 'cause they don't know what their schedule is then they wanted to check with family and friends. Is that why or do they not know with amazing host opportunities or yet, especially when we wanted to doing friend finding missions, they don't always know that. So we wanna make sure we find out from them. What's their schedule like? What days of the week could usually best for them? What time of the year, things like that, and take a quick little jot at note. Make sure you have notes about them. So when you're talking with them, ask, come on, put on the questions, "Oh, what do the kids do?" Because obviously, they're at the soccer field for the kids or what else do the kids involved in. What else other activities are you involved in, is it girls scout, is it dance, is it soccer, is it hockey. What other activities are they involved in? What's their schedule like? Little things through that I can remember them, I love their shoes, they had an amazing necklace, their sunglasses, they were jamming, I love that sparkle. Or they had the cutest lab puppy with them. Guys, why do you remember, how do you remember people? Make sure you drop those little notes down too on their forms. Ask open-ended questions. I'm checking my notes over here because, otherwise, I'll be like a squirrel off on 10 different tangents so we want to say focused, right? Focused. So when you're talking with those customers, what makes you or what helps you remind you of them and what you talked about. Take those notes. Wish list. All right, this is a key one. Make a wish list with them. This is really, really key. When they're at the party and they didn't date you, what did they want that they didn't get 'cause that will help you follow up with them? When you're at the vendor events or when you're out friend finding, didn't you show them the host exclusive gift, did they totally want that? Remember, some of those are limited time gifts then they have to date in quick so we can get them in. Did they talk about their pantry is a mess or maybe you want them in the farmer's market and they were just talking about how they're throwing their protos out in two or three days and they don't know why they're spending this money. Did you see them at the grocery store and you hear him complaining, this is so expensive, and I'm just gonna throw it out in three days. Guys, those are potential customers. Fortune is in the follow-up, make sure you're getting their information. All right, so you wanna make sure you take those notes. Now when you do that, when you follow up with them, when you meet them out in the public, when you're taking their information and you're sharing your information to follow up with them, I'm a procrastinator and I really have to make myself focused that I follow up with customers in a regular and timely fashion because guess what, just like a banana go bad in two to three days very quickly. Now doesn't mean I'm gonna date them in two to three days. Oh, I love to. I would love to. However, don't always. So we wanna make sure that we're following up that we leave them that we keep in touch with them. So here's a great way and this is working fabulously for our team, and I am so glad. I'll be completely honest. I didn't come up with this myself. I learned it in another training option because guess what, we are constantly learning and constantly growing and constantly evolving our businesses and that's the great thing about our business. We can change it up a little when we need to. So this follow-up is working swimmingly fantastically. I am bananas excited over this. I really am. Because it's working right now for us, and I hope it works for you, too. Just remember the fortune is in the follow-up, follow-up with them. All right, I'm gonna stick to my notes. Fortune is in the follow-up. All right, so we're a day after, two days after that might be after the party, might after the vendor event, might me after a friend finding mission. How do you follow up with them, what do you? You call them. You call them! All right, so when we actually get them on the phone even better, be excited! When you're making these phone calls, be excited because you have an amazing opportunity to share with them. And guess what? Do whatever you have to do to be excited. If that means you can do jumping jacks for you to make a phone call, you'll absolutely do it, that means put on fresh mascara, you can do that. If that means that you have to go out in the car and the lock the door so that you're not interrupted so you can be excited. Do that. That means you've got to put on a fresh quota, your gloss. Do it. Do whatever you have to do to be excited when you're making these phone calls. Space them out. Don't make a hundred phone calls all at once, unless you can do a marathon like that. I can't. Kudos to those they can. Make sure you know your limit. If it's three phone calls, two or three phone calls in an hour. If it's five phone calls, do that. If you can do ten phone calls, take a little bit of break and go back to make ten more phone calls. Super important to know your own personal limit, but follow up and actually pick up the phone and do it. All right, so here's what I do. My phone. All right. Ready. Voicemail. "Susie, I am so excited when you met yesterday at the party. I know that we didn't get a chance to talk too much, but I monthly had a pretty good wish list. I am super excited about what's going on at the Tupperware and the fabulous host gift that I just heard about this morning. Call me back so I can share with you. Ooh, and call me back before 8 'cause I have a bigger, even bigger bonus to share with you, okay? Call me back! Again, it's Mary. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Leave your name and your phone number. Bye." Hang up. And then unlock your phone and text them. "Hey, Susie, I just left you a voicemail. Go in and listen and call me back." That is key. So after leaving a numerous amount of voicemails, I heard that, text them right after too. Duh, light bulb! 'Cause how many of those people, how many of you get a voicemail and you're working and you're never gonna check it. And then you get home, you're busy with the kids and you didn't check it. The fortune is in the follow-up and the follow all the way through. Give them a time that you want them to call you back by. Be excited. I didn't tell her what it was about. I didn't give her all the information. I said, "Call me back to get all the details and the information. And call me back by a certain time." Because you know what? It gives a sense of urgency. And by texting her and telling her to check her voicemail, she's gonna hear how excited I am in that voicemail and she's gonna call me back. And I will tell you we saw from, probably could 20% people calling us back, we've opted to probably got 80%, 88% of people calling and it's back with an information. So, yay! So I don't remember what training I got this from. But, guys, fortune is in the follow-up, and I'm so excited that I listen to them. Text that follow up. When they call back, be excited for them. But, "I am so excited over the moon." Tupperware has some great amazing offers. And I wanna make sure that I share them with you. And bonus, if we get you dated in with the next two weeks, you have the opportunity to take advantage with them. Date them in soon. Twenty-one days are less, guys. And honestly, you'll find or at least, I personally found those parties that we date in closer. Do better because people know what their schedule looks like. They know what they want to do. The fortune is in the follow-up. We need people out there every day. So you can use this as tips and tricks. Again, your leads, those people that you are meeting whether they're at the party, they're at vendor events, they're on your friend finding missions, those leads will go bad very quickly if you're not following up with them. So follow up or somebody else probably will. So you want to make sure that you are maximizing your income and following up with those people. Be excited, be excited when you do. All right, that is key. Key, key, key. And make sure you wanna get them information. You wanna remember why you call them. Make it a personal connection. Maybe it's because when you met them at the party they talked about the first part and saving on the protos 'cause, you know, I've everyone stolen stuff out now, you wanna help them save. Maybe it's that mom at the soccer field who you saw sitting there with the Taigo bag and you're like, no, let me help you! Let me help you get them a healthy fast meal options. Call them and make sure the personal connection. Remember, fortune is in the follow-up and the follow through, I would've never been here today. I wanna be able to share the opportunity. I wanna be able to share this information with you, guys, If someone hadn't shared that with me. So fortune is in the follow-up, fortune is in the follow through. If I can do it, so can you. So, guys, get out there, call some people, be excited because guess what? We have some crazy fabulous things to share. All right, thank you so much for taking the opportunity to be here with me and Date-a-Ton. Bye!

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EN - Mary Makin - DateATon 2018

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