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The Jewish Imposters are Terrified!

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Les Juifs Ou les sois disant Juifs en Israel et ceux qui sont réconnu présentement comme les Juifs ne sont pas les vrais descendants de sang Abraham Isaac Jacob. Si veritablement ils etaient vraiment les veritable descendants de Abraham Isaac Jacob de sang ils ne seront pas entrain de paniquer ainsi actuellement ou en ce moment ou le soit disant terroristes attaque s'est déroulé a Paris en France Cette soite disante attaque terroristes qui a été orchestrée par par certains agents qui sont dans le CIA D'aileurs certains militaires et intelligence militaire et des intelligence pouvaient être remarquer derrière la scène D'ailleurs un de terroristes dans ce soit disant attaque terrorist était un Israelien n'est pas interresant. D'ailleur il était teint d'une face marrone pour paraitre Arabe. dans tous le cas, les gens qui vivent en actuel Israel sont véritablement terrifié. Je pense que c'est normal qu'il le soit. that they're in drawing now I know that the jig is up in their spirit now when when these terrorist attack so-called took place on the seven shootings subsequent shootings on 89 it was in response to a newspaper or newspapers depiction and ramp routing of that pedophile Prophet Mohammad the Prophet Allah God issue like these killers went on a rampage sharing Akbar or whatever it is they they staged a chance thank you i think thats right which means god is great but this is obviously still appears to be so called Jews everywhere London Paris the United States New York City where large contingents of Jewish people reside and this proves that most had brought back into the land yet because when he brings them back into again nobody's gonna make them a break and right now they're picturebox they're scared and shadow you say well as more ok imma put this here so I can read this article this is out of her rich publication follow this article is Paris attack shows that the bad guys won riches cartoonist a most buyers is afraid after the attack magazine Charlie Hebdo that killed 12 so their so-called Jewish guy in israel is afraid after the attacks that occurred because he do this is a most a most vitamin E to the cartoons probably box Muhammad as well you know mama deserves had sexual relations with eight-year-old nine year old girls danced gas the guy they let me read the scriptures which drew crews these impostors are just that ok let's not try to whitewash things bad guys won those guys from the Islamic Jihad al-qaida the Islamic State whatever you want to call their they'd be this big town in the battle for freedom of expression all over Europe is shaking and so is america now there is no cartoonist or publisher who would dare start up with them they're all trembling in fear that they'll ever since the storm over the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad I don't go near the subject but ramifications are clear the French government had in the past ask the people at Charlie Hebdo to stop publishing illustrated that ignore the sensitivities a radical Islam no similar requests were made regarding cartoons lampooning or the Vatican and there certainly were such gardens Islamic extremists in your truck freedom of expression back when they slaughtered vo van Gogh and Amsterdam over his documentary film about female genital mutilation of women at home against Salman Rushdie day issue to begin to death because of his book The Satanic Verses he was forced to hire personal bodyguard and knowing how many years not long ago I saw television reporter is typically pronunciation here walking around London in the company of a Muslim preacher whose explaining off-camera how lovely life would be brought under Shariah law marriage to a girls cutting off hands and capitation great farm but Dulce Vita but he forgot the most important thing that will kill all the bells and that's exactly what they did to my colleagues whose only sin was to draw pictures that's what I called multi-culturalism everyone's afraid but there will always be those kamikazes like journalist Charlie Hebdo they are few and far between a truly courageous not been following their dishes and I knew it would end badly should have been otherwise French government also million did nothing to stop it now the leaders of France Britain Germany will speak and proud of bitter truth is that there isn't much more they could do bad guys about hurting one perhaps we start studying Sharia law that was an article that appeared on her wrists by a most Biderman who is a cartoonist Nair in her its daily carting section of that rag over in israel has been a bad is it typical loud growl sarcastic guy who is now petrified of these extremists so call which are really CIA agents Mossad agents in my six agents in concert with each other did you read to prey upon the fears of Christian did the western world and Muslims in the eastern part of the world they're doing this on purpose there is an agenda behind this and I hope everybody watching understand that what happened on the 7th 8th 9th like complete hopes off Sandy Hook that goofy be heading out in oklahoma which they said I'd isreali Muslim carried out well what about an Israelite and indeed Marilyn has shot up at Naval Yard yeah right Michael Dorner a set him up a couple years ago this is a narrative because when the top Jacob's trouble but I don't want to focus on Jacob's trouble right now as much as on one of the people who are not land right now it's ridiculous it ought to be clear and every self-respecting Christian to be at any shred of integrity whatsoever you'd listen these words these scriptures that are not read proving that these people were a joke their identity deeds because when the Most High brings israel back into their my and there's going to be peace and they're not gonna be a brain so what are you most by norman is a true Jew why she praised alright so let me go ahead and get it to the Scriptures first when I'm gonna get crazy busy girl 34 and 28 it reads 27 and three of the peel shelling yield and her friend and he urged her to increase in a shop excitement their land and she'll know that I am the Lord when I have broken the bands and delivered them out of that pan of boats that separate themselves and they said no more be a prelude to the heat now to sell that piece of land about them but they shall dwell safely and not make them afraid so I am most by if you're a true Hebrew a true Jew why are you afraid of these so-called muslim terrors I thought you were real June did the most gathered you you you June back into the land and the bike the forty no because that was done by the New World Order cremate the Freemasons the Rothschilds after that so-called another hopes that Holocaust and Europe ok it's ridiculous it like I said the other night you wanna talk about Holocaust let's talk about trans-atlantic slave trade nobody most talked about that one now there's one scripture that you can't fault that you have that doesn't apply to you let's go to another restart my morning dear stay in the profits and let's get Micah or adverse three and he showed judge among many people every puke strong nations national beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks nations shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war any more but they shall see it every man under his bond and under his big tree and not stop making mcrae for the map the LORD of hosts are you still have nations Robin up and we're all we're on the brink of all-out war ok but you are you do jewish feed more people have booked right back in that land right yeah right thats why are all scared to death right now it is up and you know it all right let's go to do not want to be here to respond quickly when I say this because the region to region many people are gonna be destroyed is because they lack knowledge like the most high says his feet were destroyed for lack of else that's why you see so many israelites at such a low estate over here right now and all across Europe because they were destroyed for lack of they don't want knowledge you got me on here exposed to a lot of knowledge and you better take that to heart so you can understand what we're living in right now let's get one more see I believe now down there with me and while look it up I'll just keep going on this time you know these churches not just round here there and everywhere you know they continue to say did you mean in it it's just like this a lot you know and we tear down strongholds you know where you are here to get here to get your base with a hardcore truth and it really doesn't matter whether you're here whether you're watching on the internet it really doesn't matter if you believe it or not it only matters what the book says and this is just read scriptures out more read right now you know these people work done and you're going to be destroy you know that manage both know just like america is over the last three weeks it started I think on Christmas Day over in tel aviv the bags route will course they started this fact parade and it lasts for several weeks Intelli be but does good people at the most I write those are the holy people that's the chosen seed block party and they're not allowed now cartoonists who hoisted the property names to go see it at eight months byron yeah alright let's see bear with me and actually it wasn't it was seven I but it wasn't a one-out was looking to death but is actually Zephaniah briefs on gonna get jeopardize 3 and 13 73132 rambling of Israel cell did not do iniquity nor speak live now they're celibacy booked on be found in their mouth shut and locked out and not shall make him a break yet they should not do iniquity you know the word no baggage gonna be running through the streets of Tel Aviv when the real israelites get back into the land has not got much of malachite baggage run around Israel just like they're running around New York City San Francisco and all the major cities over here daughter back those three scriptures right now and I apologize for that for not being better prepared without last script that right there proves it no more durable to be they're not gonna be my ended judgments the laws of dr. genetic Amanda are gonna be a force that's another way you know that the people of the book art in that land right now yeah you might have strayed israelites run around here and there and I'm here to you to be persecuted just like they are owed here but it masks they haven't gotten back yet so yeah you a most part of it and you're kind over Israel yeah you are scared right now that you have you should be because you know now you know now Iran's nukes BDSM of some of the Arab nations have nukes russia has nukes turkey they were all of them or their pound of flesh out of Israel Israel and the United States of America are going down very soon so I thought that was interesting in the wake of those terrorist acts so called parents at this this this discount this article contacts right in with the Scriptures everything is broken up and scriptures

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