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London часть первая (№ - 1)

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DATE OF RECORDING: MAY 1ST We had a bad sleep to be quite honest 4 or 5 hours And we are very sleepy We will be in the sky for around 3 hours Oh Edward is already there So we are arriving at 11:30 CET We will have to somehow rest, compose ourselves So that's our plan for now, stay with us, and we will do our best Sup boys, we are on the plane "Singing about London, Edward's big beard" I can't hear you (Edward) "Edward asking a question" Heeey They pulled over a drug dealer(Kappa) Edward:"Drug-traffic" "Ioann talking about boring stuff" Starix:" I drove in right-handed traffic once" Edward:" I remember there was an accident" Edward:"You were behaving not like a gentleman" Edward:"Very sad" Starix: "And someone also bumped into my ass(as rear of a car) Zeus: "Mmm ass" Starix:" I didn't even feel it" Zeus:"So you're an experienced man, I see" "Starix didn't get the joke ;_;" Edward:"How much does a scooter cost guys?A good one, not fast but comfy" Zeus:"Something like 1000$" Edward:"Like an italian one" Zeus:"I think you can get a comfy one for 1K$" Zeus:"Not like powerful but good for cruising, Italian, 35 year old one:D" Edward:"Do you need a license for it?" Starix:"Yep" Edward:"No waay" Edward:"So you need to pass a driving test?" Zeus:"Yes of course" Zeus:"The goal is to get a helicopter" Edward:"From car to truck, then a bus, KAMAZ" Starix:"And then a boat and a plane" Zeus:"Like there is a guy just walking and then Vanya is here to help him in a heli" Edward:"With my SWAG headphones "Edward pretending to be a heli pilot" Edward:"I can be an elite taxi" Zeus:"This is awkward" "Singing" Starix:"Why does UK and US have everything in miles?" Zeus:"What?Beer?" "Quality jokes" Starix:"Still, why miles and not kilometers?" Edward:"They are original, like no one else" "Bless you" "Edward rhyming" Zeus:"Can't wait to get to the hotel" Edward:"Yep, time will fly before the game starts" Edward:"Oh wait we need to get lunch" Edward:"ASAP" Zeus:"Are we far from the event? Edward:"15 minutes on foot"

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Posted by: iamfish007 on May 5, 2015

London часть первая (№ - 1)

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