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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:02:47 - 07:17:47

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So you're filming now? One with cheese? For now or to take away? One with thyme? Take another paper then! Will you please start my pizzas with thyme? Thyme! You're a buddy Abou Najjar! Most welcome! Shadi? I'm not coming over to you. Forget it! I'm not coming over to you. Forget it! Just come here for a sec! Come and take over the oven here! No, no! Relax man! Here, here! Come here a bit won't you? Buddy no, no! No way. I swear! Please come here! Won't you please hurry it up? Hold one up for the filming! Sorry! There isn't any more! Please put them in the oven for me, will you? She's really embarassed me... I swear! Say that in English! You should film that! In English! Film him won't you? Film him! He's just shy! I can't work anymore! I've lost it! She's really embarassed us! You're welcome! And this is a 10! 4 cheese, 4 thyme 1500? Ali! Come down! He went to the "maple"! I'd like a bottle of Pepsi. Plastic or glass? Plastic. Stop it! Palestine. She called me and told me to turn the Jerusalem channel on... Yes. There are two Jerusalem channels. I switched on the one... The Palestine channel. Switched over to the channel but it turned out not to be the right one! Your mother is from Haifa? She's from Acre. No! She's from Haifa! Wouldn't I know where my mother comes from? She's from Acre..."There's only one God"! From Haifa! From Acre! In your dreams! Come on Ahmad! Who's the strong one? What did you get? Did you get thyme pizzas? They're here! The guys at the bakery had a good time! She filmed them. There you go! I'll keep a 1000 for school. The teacher actually wants 1500. I'll give them to you. And then you give me 250 to buy myself something to eat. I want to keep the 500. Will you get me a plate from inside? A big plate? Is there cheese? Keep your hands off! Now, come on with the plate! Sit properly will you! She filmed Omar Radwan. He was really happy! Cheese mom! Get me glasses, will you? The small ones? No! The big ones. Go and get plastic cups from Fadi's mom! No! No! No! Would you like to have tea? Coffee? Milk? You just won't get it! Hold your horses Ahmad! The cheese... Where shall I put them? The plastic cups... Where is the big plate? We're putting the thyme pizzas on it! For whom? I can't talk to you a lot. My back is hurting! Get me a tray. And get up and get plastic cups. Get up! Where from? From Fadi's mom. I'll get it, I'll get it. No sweetie! That's ok. If there is cheese, save me one! There is cheese. Get to it now. Go! I'll give you a thyme pizza. Is that ok? Ok? Half a pizza. The guy in the bakery told her, "Go ahead and film him". Then Lucy, the lady who speaks Arabic, took a picture of him. She took a picture of him. How much? 500 100,000... 100,000... Ocean. The ocean... Be careful not to drop it. Filmed. I filmed! She gave it to me like that! Ahmad started asking if we got thyme pizzas... You know? Everything you say gets heard in the microphone. I know. Sweetie, put your leg down and sit properly. Mommy, why are they always after me and not you? Because they are here just for you! But I had a good time yesterday. I just want Hamza to come. Where is he? Mom, where is Abdallah? Yes! Come up now. Got you... Come up now. Come up. What are you eating? The big one! I'll give you more later. Mommy, you'll give him the big piece? He won't be able to eat it. Yes! That's alright! Forget it!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 155
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 23, 2009

Jamila at home.

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