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Transfer of Learning

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In this project, we have been involving different generations. We have managed to involve children, youth, and the elderly. One of the children involved is Dennis. He will be sharing with us his experience and how he managed to implement the project in his family and his community as a whole. My participation in this project started with my own family. First, you can't start visiting other families and sharing health information while the members of your household are not informed. So I started sharing health information with my family members first. I started growing vegetable gardens at home not only for nutrition, but also as a means of gaining an income. I also started keeping ducks at home. Then I started visiting different households and sharing health information and skills. At first, I faced some challenges. One of the challenges was distance. I was supposed to visit houses which were very far from where I am staying. This made it difficult for me to make regular visits. But when sister Saphina came, she selected nearby households, this made it possible for me to conduct regular visits and offer health education. Visiting households that were very far was demanding and tiring, but now I enjoy conducting regular visits because the households are nearby. I am thankful and grateful that I am now able to closely follow up on my households. I am proud of myself because I am now a link of health education to my neighbors. Before the project, they were unaware of some diseases, but I managed to share with them the health information. They thanked me and blessed me for taking my time to offer them information. Receiving such positive remarks and blessings from my neighbors has been a great success to me not only for the project, but also in my other life endeavors as well. I am very thankful to this project and so proud that I have been able to participate and implement the program. There are many people, but I was chosen as one of the people who could participate in the implementation of the project. I am indeed grateful for such an amazing opportunity. It is such an honor to be a health facilitator and given a chance to educate others. I educated them on important issues concerning health especially the importance of doing regular health checkups, prevention of noncommunicable diseases, and the importance of doing physical exercises. Nowadays, people don't like to exercise. While visiting some of the households, I came across elderly persons who were idle and they would complain of tiredness. I educated them on the importance of physical exercises and the role it plays on improving the health of the body. Some managed to engage in physical exercises such as doing daily walks. So they received this education positively. I am thankful that they have taken the initiative positively. At first, I thought they would not accept. There isn't a single household that I visited whereby I was turned down or chased away. Not even a single place where I was undermined for being a child while trying to educate people who were older than me. People were willing to receive health information. At times I would wish to continue talking and staying longer in the household while educating the community before moving to the next household. It is necessary to mind your language and proper words during the visits. It is equally important to greet people of the particular household during the visitations. You don't just go to people's houses and enter without asking their permission. When you go to these households, you go with great respect and humility, and eventually they will receive you with open hands. So I used to go with a lot of respect and humility. And it is important to speak facts and not nonsense, or they won't listen to you or take you seriously. There are some people who used to smoke and I started educating them on the harmful effects of smoking and that they are prone and exposing themselves to lung cancer. Some said I was too young to tell them about lung cancers and they weren't going to listen to a child. I insisted on telling them the harmful effects of smoking and I told them they would remember my words when it is too late. With that, they appreciated my efforts and agreed to listen to what I was going to tell them. After several brief sessions with them, some of them eventually quit smoking and stopped drinking alcohol as well. I am so grateful and proud as a mother to have a talented and gifted son such as Denis. I am also thankful to HelpAge for considering Denis as part of the project implementers. He has done a great job educating us on how to live a healthy life, the importance of growing vegetable gardens at home, and the importance of engaging in other activities such as keeping ducks and poultry. Before, we used to buy vegetables from the local market, but now we get them from home. We also did not use to keep ducks and chicken, but now we keep them so we no longer have to buy eggs or meat. He personally took the initiative by buying his own ducks and then asked his father to help him build a hut so that he could keep them. He would go to school and whenever he gets back home from school he would work in the hut and water the gardens. We are grateful that he has managed to educate us on various health issues such as the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are so proud of him. Before we were uninformed of certain issues, but now we are well informed about health. I will be a doctor for the people. I will cure many diseases such as cancer and malaria. I like to be a doctor.

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This digital story documents the transfer of learning as a result of the project, Afya Kibaha in Tanzania.

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