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Masters of KAB. Class #12 :The Ari Karen 2013

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Of all the Tzadikim of all the righteous people of all of Israel my most favourite has been and always probably will be is Rabbi Isaac Luria (didn't hear) Safed. as a matter of fact, I'd like to (didn't understand) what I'm saying is that the first time I had ever visited Israel and... I mean understand, you all know that I come from a totaly secular background I had no idea of anything on that nature and I remember going by myself into the old cemetery in Tzfat. What I was doing there by myself is a whole different story but let's forget that part. Going down into the cemetery and walking through when there was no path to it was like this, no paths no nothing. And coming to the Ari Rabbi Isaac Luria and somehow feeling that I was part and that I had met a distant person in my own personal growth. I felt for me the Ari, for me at least, as my spiritual father. And those of you that have gone with us to trips to Israel. I'm sure each one of you have linked with one or the other type of righteous person. For me it is the Ari. There's a story that's written in the Ari, and he talks about the fact that sometimes when a great soul comes into this world and it's wrapped in a package that's not very pleasant and sometimes the souls and sometimes the greater the soul might be the greater the soul might be the more difficult the journey. The more difficult the journey. And he explains at this point in the [hebrew] he says and that is why King David had to have the incident with [hebrew]. Those of you that know [hebrew] is also, was the wife of somebody who was against, opposed David. When he died, King David took her again to be a wife and everybody knows the story of [hebrew]. But it says the reason that that happened to him was because that his soul was so high, was so high, that is was given down, what we call to the klipot, to the evil inclination. And it means, the same way as we're going to now go into Tisha B'av right? We're going to go into the most darkest day of the year. What happens they say in the afternoon of the 9th day of Av? The birth of the Messiah. Now how can we take from all this negativity to have finally the birth of the Messiah? Well basically what it's saying is again the same thought. That people who have the most to share and to give with this world are the people that're put into the most difficult situations. According to that teaching we can understand that when we have things in our lives that are so difficult that we think that we can't get through we must understand that that is the corner that we have to turn in order to get to our true spiritual benefit. And the harder the relationship might be with you and the Light, the harder that might be with you and your soul, the harder that might be because of the other things that are in our way. The greatest desire to receive for one self is the greatest desire that can bring the Light to the world. Not people that are weak. And it says, the [hebrew] writes, that people that are the weakest. The weakest souls that come down and there are strengths let's say, are not given those opportunities. They are allowed to live their lives in moderate peace, that they don't have those type of hurtles to cross. And the reason for that is not because they've been blessed, it's because the opposite, because the're given the opportunity to go through life and to finish the process that they came for. But it is for known that had they been put in the situation like King David they would fail. And therefore, they're given less of an opportunity. So what am I telling you? We have to say, oh wow give it to me! Really give me that desire to receive. Give me that thing that stands in my way. And the answer is as long as I get that boy I'm going to beat it! Sometimes we don't beat it. And therefore, he says, and it's a beautiful teaching, he says, and therefore, you can see righteous people that do evil deeds that in another person would not even be accepted. Clearly listen to what I've said. I've said, sometimes in a righteous person you can see something that you believe to be evil for, in other words, evil for that person. Okay? Evil for that person. And it says the reason for that being is because the tests that they go through are far greater than most people. The more difficult life throws you the ball, the more nourishment your soul can get from it. So said the Ari. One of the greatest souls that ever entered this world. It's his death anniversary tonight and I know that he's with us all in spirit especially in a place like our centres. Because he know that the things that we're trying to do is not only make this knowledge known for the centres but for the whole world so that the final thing might be the redemption of each and every soul to go back to it's source and eventually give them the greatest pleasure of seeing the Messiah in our time. Thank you.

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The Ari Karen 2013

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