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Ron Paul blasts Bill Clinton's Iraq Bombing Campaign (12-16-1998)

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(Subtitles Begin @ 00:30) RON PAUL: I have a prepared statement for tomorrow And in that statement, I talk about a much more serious act that the President (Clinton) commited then anything we generally talk about. And that is the illegal bombings in Sudan and Afghanistan. $200 million dollars were spent for that without congressional approval. Not only is it annoying, I think it is illegal, I think it's unconstitutional, I think it's an act of war, and i think it's much worse then anything that we have considered under the impeachement. There has been a lot of talk about the constitution in the last several weeks, the last several months. A lot of people holding up the constitution, well I'd like them to (actually) read the constitution, everybody here in this congress to read the constitution about commiting acts of war. This to me is an outrage and we shouldn't be participating in it, and we shouldn’t permit our President to do this. There’s no threat (from Iraq). We’re gonna do more harm by doing this. INTERVIEWER: Congressman, if congress were given an opportunity to vote on whether we should bomb Iraq, would you go along with that as long as it would go through the procedures? RON PAUL: No, I would strongly oppose it because they (Iraq) are not a threat to our national security. Iraq has a third grade army, they have no ability to wage war. Our policies are deliberatly destroying the country. They can't feed their children, they are not allowed to have medication. There was a story in today's paper where one of our private charity groups were being fined because they were trying to get medicine in for the Iraqi people. So for us to unleash bombs on Iraq in this particular time to kill more innocent people for narrow political reasons, no, there is absolutely no need to cause more bombing because of a very overall flawed foreign policy. INTERVIEWER: How are you going to vote on impeachement? RON PAUL: I’ll vote for impeachement. INTERVIEWER: For all four (counts) equals? RON PAUL: Yes. Unenthusiastically because I think the charges are way too mild and not touching the issues that I would like to touch. I mean, that's what we should be adressing. I wish the congress would adress the unconstitutionality of presidents waging war. That to me is a llot more serious than Monica Lewinski. Let me tell ya. It has nothing to do with (our) national security. As a matter of fact, our national security is more jeopardized by permitting this to happen. Because we are liable to start a war, we are liable to have our military men killed, we're liable to have more attacks on us by terrorists. LESLEY STAHL: We have heard that a half million children have died (from U.S. sanctions on Iraq) I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it? MADELINE ALBRIGHT: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it.

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In a December 16, 1998 press conference aired by C-Span, Representative Ron Paul criticizes Bill Clinton's bombing campaign in Iraq and predicts the potential for terrorist attacks against the United States as retalitation.

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