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Diana Topel de Liberland Venezuela en Brujula Internacional 11 Marzo 2016

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A few days ago we interviewed here Vit Jedlicka, who is the president, or claims to be the president of Liberland, the land of freedom, or like the germans say: LiebeLand, the land of Love It is a Republic, for now a virtual republic, fictitious?, that wants to grant citizenships When we interviewed the president, we received in our Twitter account @BrujulaInter_gv, over 400 requests for more information about this Republic and how to become a citizen In Venezuela, they have some kind of Ambassador, a representative of the Free Republic of Liberland which has a territory of just 7 square kilometers, but has many projects Her name is Diana Topel, Liberland's representative in Venezuela What does this all mean? A State with this characteristics? Well, first of all, thank you Ambassador for inviting us to your show, and for the support that you have given to our country so far This is all part of the new realities that are coming to existence all over the world There are currently several initiatives that are questioning the way we have thought about the State so far We must remember that there are two competing theories about the creation of new States One is the constitutive theory, which claims that a state is only a state when it is recognized as such and the declarative theory, which is expressed in the Montevideo Convention of 1933 which explains that a State should meet the following requirements: A territory, a population, a political authority or government and capacity to enter into relations with the other states Have you had any contact with other States? Diplomatic relations? Yes, during President Jedlicka's tour he has been in contact, sometimes unnoficial contact with government officials from different governments. Also, some officials from the United Nations are participating in this project Now, the concept of citizenship is not only tied to a State or to a territory, there are now virtual citizenships, right? That's correct. I was just telling the Ambassador off air that there is a new nation which claims to be the first virtual nation. It's called BitNation. A swedish woman, by the name Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof after working for many years in war torn countries like Afganistan and Lybia came to the conclusion that we need to innovate in the ways we are organizing our societies She maintains, in clear opposition to what the Montevideo Convention states that it's not necessary to have a defined territory. That we can have virtual citizenships Are there any examples in the world? BitNation is an example of a virtual nation. There's another one I know of called Wirtland. I think there are others Somehow like Liberland, there's The Principality of Sealand, which is interesting because this is a man who in 1967 identified an abandoned platform on international waters and claimed it for himself, as Principality of Sealand. Liberland, as a new nation is a very interesting case. Many international relations analysts are scratching their heads, thinking about this because unlike other new nations, these case is not a secession there's no war involved and there's no invasion This is an absolutely pacific process. A worldwide movement of people who claim a Terra Nullius. A 7 square kilometers piece of land so that you can get an idea: About half the size of the Chacao Municipality in Caracas to build a country from scratch, in a place that was not claimed by anyone Well, it would be seven times larger than the Vatican, which is about 1 square kilometer I think And very much like Liechtenstein and other principalities, like Andorra, which are very small, correct? Yes, or Monaco. Liberland is three times larger than Monaco Would there be authorities? You, for example, you are working as representative with some kind of diplomatic rank, right? Yes. We have a constituted government There's president Jedlicka. We have an Interior Minister, a full team in charge of Foreign Affairs and a Minister of Justice There's a venezuelan behind this as well, who was a career diplomat for many years our fellow for many years at the venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry. He was Ambassador to the Middle East That's correct. Ambassador Carlos Rios-Scharbaay, whom I wish to salute He is supporting us. He is incredibly knowledgeable in this matters a true intellectual. He is collaborating as advisor working closely with the team at Liberland's office in Venezuela Further in the show, we will speak to Fernando Fernandez, expert in matters of international law specially criminal law, international criminal law But, of course, these new realities are a very interesting subject for anyone interested in international law Everything changes, everything is innovation. In fact, the european citizenship is today a multiple citizenship because you can be in any State of the European Union and have both the european and the spanish citizenship I mean, there are new legal instruments, right? That's correct. I would like to add that in BitNation's case, I know that they reached an agreement with the goverment of Estonia The estonian government is very technological, it's a very open government I think - now speaking as a venezuelan, that Venezuela would be a perfect candidate for these kinds of projects because venezuelans are very, what in english is called "early adopters" We adopt new fashions early, we adopt new technologies early and that's what this is about, innovating in the ways we are solving our societies' problems A little while ago, we interviewed here the Ambassador of Abkhazia which is a piece of land that claimed independence. It's somewhere near the Ucraine It was recognized by Russia. They have an embassy here Barely 5 or 6 States recognize it. So new formulas are emerging with independent States, no? And that's what is so interesting. We need to start thinking out of the box There are so many people coming up with these new ideas, sometimes people make fun of them they think it's something crazy. But when so many people are asking for all to be creative and think out of the box We need to start wondering if maybe there's a problem with the box. If maybe we should listen to this call... It's curious that almost 80% of the venezuelas interested in the citizenship are younger than 30 years old Some people could think that these ideas are attractive to them because they are young and unexperienced but I see it differently. I think that perhaps this young people are grasping something that other people still can't see Besides, there are new situations in international affairs, like the case of Catalunya, wanting to separate from Spain or Scotland, with it's referendum to separate from the UK, although they finally decided to stay These are expressions of a need for certain autonomy, people wanting more autonomy more federalism, less centralization That's right. Liberland is not an isolated case. Our case is very particular due to the fact that it was a Terra Nullius but this necessity for greater freedom, the questioning of what we have in the world at this point we are witnessing it in movements all over the world How can people get in touch with you in order to obtain all this information or to request citizenship? Sure, in order to request citizenship, the first step is to register at That's the first step. After that please support us, help us in our quest to enter into diplomatic relations with many countries To communicate with the venezuelan team, please follow us on Facebook Liberland Venezuela or email us at [email protected] Also, I think they could also visit Liberland, in Europe the 7 square kilometers territory, between Croatia and Serbia, no? Yes, of course. Soon, between the 13th-16th of April there will be a celebration, a festival in Serbia It would be ideal if at that point we have advanced our negotiations with Croatia given that they are guarding the territory until they reach an agreement with Serbia... or with us! If you invite us we can cover these events Oh, sure. That would be great. We are going to have some events in Venezuela also When? On the 13th of April, some events in Venezuela which we will publicize through our social networks :-)

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