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[BANGTAN BOMB] Hide and seek with JM, V, JK (#1)

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Hello everyone, today the maknae line is getting together to film something really fun JK: My hair So this person I know wanted to play and came up with a fun idea and this person is needed for this fun idea- but yes... he's sleeping yes sleep! [Kim TaeHyung, the one who said that he wanted to play, is sleeping] If he's sleeping... What should I do? Are you sleeping?! Are you sleeping?~ Sleep- You're sleeping? Is it ok to sleep or not Is it ok or not? It's not, right? Oh hello?~ Oh you're not waking up Have you woken up? JM: Sitting like this- JM: What are we doing V: Hi you haven't seen my bare face in a while, right? V: Right now I'm- JM: This is my bare face JK: Ugly, right? V: I have a pimple now JM: uhh... First, we should choose the game that we will be playing today. V: We already did JK: Yes I remember JM: Y-You're supposed to do it like this, we have to explain- V: Ok ok let's take a moment and think JM: Ok again, again JM: Ready, cue JM: Ok guys guys V: Oh no what do we do today? JM: Let's decide the game we will play today JM: The game we will play today- What do you think would be good? V: Hmmm V: In my opinion, I think someone should be "it" and uhh JM: and get hit? V: No, someone should be "it" and that person should cover their eyes JM: Cover their eyes V: and try to catch the others, like a zombie game. How's that? JM: So you're saying the "it" person covers their eyes and tries to tag the others? JM: You're really so smart V: Yes, since the other hyungs are all asleep, we three maknaes should JM: Play together quietly~ JM: Mm good. JM: Maknae, What do you think? JK: That's good V: You! Hey! JM: Ok so, let's try this JM: We look too prepared for this V: It just suddenly appeared from there V: It was all set up JM: What what? JM: It's like we're broadcasting a show V: Hey hey, anyone who cheats here its beating time for them V: Beating time JM: Ok so if you cover your eyes like this, you can't see anything JK: Agreed JM: So now we're going to quietly start playing, we're going to need some background music right? JM: Turn it on Jm: That one- That V: It's your first time hearing classical music at a hotel, right? V: For us, we always listen to this kind of music before sleeping JM: When the music reached its climax, a praying mantis appeared in my dreams. JK: Oh oh yesterday I bought a building JM: You bought it? JM: I couldn't buy it JM: Ok, so first we should choose who's gonna be "it" JK: Rock Paper Scissors JM: As expected, its Rock Paper Scissors JM/V: Rock Paper Scissors Shoot V: 95s won! JM: Is he an idiot JM: We will cover your eyes! (V: Yes~) JM: So we have cleaned up all the dangerous objects, yes... JK: Can't you make it tighter? JM: So that you don't break your foot- JK: Wow you really can't see JM: -try to be careful JM: Hey wait you have to make it tighter. Is it tight? JK: Yes, it's so tight it hurts JM: Wha- It hurts? Haha not being able to see is more important JK: Wait, the back too JM: Ahahah he can't breathe if you do that V: No it's ok he can breathe JM: He can't breathe hahaha JM: No no seriously look- V: No no no JM: Maybe Jungkook should tie it- V: Is that ok? V: Its ok right? (JK: I think it's ok) V: Then it's ok JM: What about this side V: It's ok, I tied the back twice JM: It's done(x3) V: Can you see? JM: You can't see me? Ok. JM: Ok ok, let's start the game JK: This smells like Jin's feet JM: No no it's not JM/V: Ok so sit here JM: Hey hey JM: After 10 seconds V: So in this game, the "it" person can move JM: Oh right right JM: We're going to stay still JM: No, we have to choose our spot and stay there V: No~ JM: It's right it's right, it's really funny that way JM: It's really funny. We have to stay still (V: Really?) JM: Then for one minute we will- V: No we can't- Where can you even hide here? JM: No, it's not hiding. You just pick a spot, and try not to get touched V: What?! JM: This way is so funny. Really really, just try it once. JM: If this isn't fun, we can do something else V: Really? JM: In one minute, we'll pick our spots V: In one minute? JM: Yeah V: Wait, then we can't hide on that side JM: Oh that's right, it has to be in here (V: Army needs to see us) JM: Ok let's find our spots V: Let's show them the view outside JM: It won't show up V: Oh really? JM: Now... We will pick our spots V: I'm gonna start counting! JM: Oh, then how about- when you hear the water bottle drop we can start. V: Oh hey, come here JM: Yes, have him start there V: Ok, stay here like this JM: That's good(x4) V: Oh you can't touch this, there's a camera there V: One second V: Ready- set go! JK: I know to some extent- V: Not yet! not yet JK: I know to some extent, the layout of this hotel room JK: Oh hey hey I think it's Jiminie Hyung JK: Go over there to the camera, the camera! JM: Ah don't take it off! Find TaeHyungie JM: Trust me when I say this. He's not there JM: He's not there JM: Be careful JM: Jungkook-ah should I give you a hint? JK: Wh-wh-wh-why is this so tilted? JK: Here JK: There's a person here! JM: Ahh~ that was so funny JM: Why did you go in there JM: How did you even think to hide in here V: Hey, but you really couldn't find me? JK: No, but then I saw it was tilted JM: Wow that's really funny V: Ok now since you were caught first, you're "it" JM: No, let's do rock paper scissors V: No no, you were caught first JM: Hey- V: Truthfully, you- JM: Come over here JM: Ok so first, Jungkookie won right? V: Yeah but you got caught first, and I- JM: Since he won, he should decide JM: Should we do rock paper scissors, or should I be "it"? JM: Ok I'll be "it" V: Ok V: This time, since it's too easy- JM: First round, Jungkookie wins!

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[BANGTAN BOMB] Hide and seek with JM, V, JK (#1)

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