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Top 10 Facts - Anonymous [Completed]

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Anonymous, originated in 2003 4 10 representing the concept of the many online and offline community users Users are simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain Anonymous members can be distinguished by the wearing of stylized Guy Fawkes masks The group's first attack made World Wide News after it attacked on Scientology, a religious cult as that has been globally criticized for its practices and beliefs They first attacked the websites, which led the secret documents being released on the church In November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing hundreds of thousands of leak US diplomatic cables In the face of legal threats against the organization by the US government, several companies shut out of Anonymous, including PayPal Operation PayBack, and then expanded to include operation of Ben Assange The subsequent of the attack brought down PayPal account for an hour on December 8th and another brief period on December 9th, which cost the company around 5.5 million Operation Darknets are Anonymous' taking down over forty child pornography sites in 2011 alone including one of the largest-known They posted account details of all its 1898 users online Anonymous operates as a decentralized community with no leader A loosely agreed goal is formed on forms and then implemented in collaborated attacks Hacktivist forms an informed links in Anonymous, took down the CIA Website for the roles The leader Sabu turned to FBI informer for leniency upon censing and revealed the secrets on the group as well as giving ip details, enabling the arrest of several hackers associated with Anonymous and LuizSec Guy Fawkes The basis for Anonymous masks Applied to established Catholic dominance The mask itself are may by Time Warner who profit every time one is bought Operation Payback was the coordinated group of attacks on high-profile oppenents of Internet piracy It started as retaliation to denial of service attacks on torrent sites ultimately culminating in a wave of attacks on major pro-copyright and anti-piracy organizations, law firms, and individuals A spokesman from Westboro church growled on the radio show that beat Anonymous proceeded by a statement calling them cry baby hackers In telling them to bring it Oh that's exactly what happened with anonymous spokesman called in the radio show, and spontaneously hack the church's websites while on the air What became one of the largest data security breach in history Anonymous took down Sony Playstation Network for the PS3, in which personal details from approximately 77 million accounts were stolen The attack occurred between April 17th and April 19th in 2011, forcing Sony to turn off PSA on April 20th Users were unable to play online there after with the outage lasting for twenty four days The government officials from around the global voice concern over the theft in Sony's one-week delay before warning its users and data theft with some reporting credit card fraud The attacks were direct result in Sony taking hacker George Hotz to court of being first person who hacked PS3, and posted tutorial on the web. Hotz is also known for being the first person to successfully hack the iPhone Ultimately, the hack attributed to a 3.2 billion loss for Sony

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Top 10 Facts - Anonymous

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