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Baltaji Driver

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Peace be upon you In the name of God the Compassionate, the Most Merciful and long live the King, Commander of the Faithful My name is Mohamed Najeeb bin Khayyat alias the blood sucker The thief of the 20th February 1976 I can’t stand the fucking 20th February and whoever says anything is gonna bleed I raped over 5 girls from the 20th February and I stole 15 mobiles and almost killed 3 or 4 people You see, I’m not one with an ax or a stick I’ll fucking ... who talks is gonna bleed I always vote with the abstention I started voting from 1983 92, 96 Unemployed, praise be to God Long live the King and staying, Praise be to God The country is peaceful – you are the one who want to trigger the earthquake And whoever says anything, I’ll fucking destroy him with the gloves I’m not afraid, let me tell you About that constitution That person Who'll show it to me, I will ... kill him I’m not with the constitution, I can’t stand the constitution Just the King by himself – you know what he can do Kill 30 people, 30 million even and just stay by himself And I, will vote for the King and not for the constitution I can’t stand the constitution Always brother, it comes back to us Every time, it comes back with something new that constitution I'll catch it and destroy it This is a message for the constitution Watch out, be careful of me Muhammad Najeeb the blood sucker Long live the King, Long live our Lord

Yeah ... There are characters like that In fact, we have plenty in Morocco And you've seen those video ads on YouTube and such Crazy situation The important of all this is Don't fall into this game and use your mind a little bit

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Duration: 3 minutes
Country: Morocco
Language: Arabic
Views: 939
Posted by: cheghassan on Aug 29, 2011

A Baltaji (gangster) mad about the Moroccan King is talking to you !!!

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