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The content of your mind is not your choice. Sadhguru

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i am aware of all the ways that i mess with myself my nonsense and create a lot of pain for myself so i am just %uh going towards awareness but experiencing the pain of the mind how how might someone address that? see the content of your mind is not your choice is it your choice. isn't it? is it your choice? the content if your mind is it your choice really? please control it and show me and it's not worked (laughs) the content of your mind is decided by where you are isn't it? everything thats around you gets into it you have no choice about what you gather and what you have gathered in your mind goes far beyond you present level of perception but everything the five senses comm in touch with, it gathers in wakefulness and in sleep it gathers it is just that most if it is not in the form of conscious memory so you don't know but it's all there so the content of your mind is not by choice it's happened whatever you have been exposed to has been absorbed by the mind it just soaked up everything that it came in touch with now what is hurting you is just this you want to think about god but your mind thinks about something else this is your pain isn't it and she is trying to control her mind somebody is trying to discipline their minds all of you have tried in some way or the other. has it worked? thats the question has it worked now next ten minutes I would tell you what are the things you should not think about will it work? no so there is no point trying to fix the garbage bin when i refer to the mind as garbage bin I'm not saying it is not useful is garbage bin very useful in your house? is it very useful you can live without a television you can even live without a telephone but you can't live without a garbage bin, isn't it? most essential isn't it now that it's so useful you decided to sleep in it tonight because its such a wonderful thing so important that is so you decided to sleep in it now your life will be terrible, isn't it? that's all that's happened this is a fantastic instrument anything and everything that it comes in touch with, its storing it up for you for your use but now you are sleeping in it you are living in it so it's big trouble big time not small time. if you could keep the garbage bin, in such a way that when you want to use it you can open it when you don't use it you can shut it and can keep it there that would be great isn't it now the problem is it's always open not only its open you are in it you have to crawl out of it now don't try to fix the garbage bin you want to empty it now all the dirty things in my mind let them go if they go way you start exploring all the same dirty things once again because they are new all the dirty things, please keep it in your mind. they are very important the dirtiest and the filthiest of things on this planet they are very important. they must be in your mind if you have your discretion you don't walk into it. yes? all the filthy things must be there in your mind but if you don't live there there is no problem but you live there. that is the problem now, the shambhavi is a tool for you to walk out of your mind you simply sit there your mind will be happening here far away and you're here once the distance arises everyday, twice a day, twenty minutes, twenty minutes, you go on after some time one day you open your eyes even when your eyes are open mind is out there you're here once this distance is well established the content of your mind is no more a problem for you because you are in it, it's a problem not because what it has people think if they are ignorant of various things that that happening in this planet they will be free if you are ignorant, see ignorance is bliss till life gets you. okay. it is like you go to a tall building jump off do you know what bliss it is? did you ever do sky diving? any of you? nobody? okay, thats good. you jump off free fall it's absolutely beautiful it's actually wonderful if you don't pull the parachute only thing is it's wonderful till you hit the ground. yes? till you hit the ground to as you are falling it's absolutely wonderful this happened once it happens, shankaran pillai fell off third floor and he injured himself pretty badly he went around limping with a crutch people asked him, "what happened, you are hurt? oh, the fall hurt you?" he said no it's not the fall, its the stopping. fall never hurts it's the stopping that hurts isn't it so ignorance is not bliss for a short while it could be not for life. isn't it? knowing everything about life but remaining untouched by it this is purity, isn't it? you know all the nonsense of life but you are untouched by it this is beautiful some people develop allergy for filth and they want to run away somewhere. they want to go to the mountain in india... in India they run to the himalayas here i don't know where. where do you go? (laughs) so they have allergy for filth. they want to run away but it doesn't mater where you run away you still carry your mind with you, isn't it you can't leave your mind and go to himalayas suddenly you go to himalayas, the magnitude of himalayas is so big you feel absolutely wonderful for two days if you live there for a couple of months all your problems will come right there, in himalayas do you see the vacation always the vacations are brief, fortunately. you make them a little longer and see all the problems of where you are, will follow you there also isn't it fortunately they give you very brief vacations but the long vacation, most people couldn't enjoy it so it grows thick, it grows well wheever the slush is thick. so this is the option that you have either you become filth or you develop allergy for filth or you use this filth and convert this flith... filth into a fragrant blossom this is an option you have we are looking at the third option here. are you interested?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker speaks to Sadhguru about going through mental anguish and Sadhguru explains that the content of your mind is not your choice. (AO82)

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