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Right now, going to come and test your mic. Beautiful, beautiful. Promises made, promises kept. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Alain Champagne. McKesson's role in driving forward is one of bringing people together. We've got nearly twenty sites that are hooked up to our video feed today. For the first time, we're live coast to coast. We led the way engaging stakeholders at every single level. You guys have so many examples every day of driving the business the right way through ILEAD and ICARE For me, leadership is about helping others realize their full potential. For me, leadership is truly the ability to inspire others to embark on your journey. Do the best that they can every day. [speaking foreign language] People who thought there's no way we were going to finish at 16% growth. They were right. We didn't finish at 15% growth. So would you like to tell them how we did? 262, 17% folks. Well done. What time does it start? We had our yearly celebration of achievements yesterday evening. The SAP project named Atlas was rightfully recognized for having gone on flawlessly despite the huge complexity. The Ontario Network Optimization was recognized for closing the loop on a long-standing project. We recognize the integration of Remedies into our family. Project Oz which has to do with our switch capability. We had a special recognition for the McNabb Ditigal Mailroom Project. Finance rightfully received the award for best support function. The award to Shelly and the entire Winnepeg Distribution Center. To all of our winners from last night, a big shout out. Well done. We are here to take advantage of the unique opportunity to lead together. By reflecting on our achievements, celebrating the big and small wins, we are in a better position to deliver during fiscal '17. Forward Together means we're forward together at many levels. One with our own employees, forward together as a company, a variety of business units, but Forward Together as McKesson Canada. What I love about McKesson is they don't try to change me. They let me be me, and their support is through the roof. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] What I love about McKesson in a word, our culture, our culture of winning, our culture of retaining and attracting top talent. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, either way you're right. Leadership is a lot about attitude. When we're together, there's not a single day where I think "we can't." This is our opportunity to get the intensity, the energy, and the electricity that you've been feeling through the conference and throw it to all of our people managers across the country. So let's go.

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