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Look to Jesus - Priscila Salazar

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I want to tell you about a time in my journey with God. About 3 years ago I thought I was focused on God. I want to highlight the word I thought about, because the line is so thin between being or being and doing. We can spend a life focused on doing things for God and very little time to be focused on God. But it wasn't until I started to enter a constant anxiety crisis when I realized how far away I was from God. During this crisis, I focused on how much time I have to spend praying, how many times do I have to read the Bible or which devotional is the best. I also thought about how many things I had to accomplish in the Ministry. But still the anxiety does not pass, it does not go away. It's in that time of anguish in which God provided me with a community that confronted my sin with the word of God. Through them, God showed me that I was using a mask of good deeds to be accepted. When I decided to remove this mask I started to experience real acceptance. It was very difficult, but having gone through this it gave me the opportunity to know grace, vulnerability and the word of God in a way that was more real. Having lost full control, I don't say anymore but accepted that I was already accepted by God. When testing vulnerability, I knew freedom and by focusing my eyes and knowledge In the word of God, I realized how much I needed my brothers in Christ. God showed me that in vulnerability I find freedom, and that through people He can show me his love. Our focus should be on being and being with Christ, and not in everything we can do for Him. Sometimes being in the ministry full time becomes very difficult. Since then I decided to keep looking for God in community, and the anxiety is completely gone, and stop looking for happiness, instead of happiness I found joy in obedience, knowing that I will always be and I am accepted by God. No matter how much I can do for Him. All this I can summarize in a decision to make. What kind of life do you want to live? A life focused on everything we can do for God, full of good deeds. Or a life focused on God? With freedom, vulnerability, being corrected and loved.

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