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Yankor 2: Ufo travels and education of Aliens

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 2, How was UFO's Created - Yankor Hi it's yankor again, we used..specificly in these disks to..'reallocate' ourselves in.. different planets, or everywhere you want to go..just tell'em the disk, see where you want to go..see yourself there, and you are there..simple. that we 'studied' and 'learned' of course, then there's satya still existed during that time. satya's, jesus she is a.. she's probably one of existence, she was there even since the beginning when I was small, she's..really the one that remained. It's fascinating..for everything. She was the one responsible for you know, showing the children, the galaxy and things like that. during that time I was still 'small'. So only the 'older children', could go onto spaceship you know, and travel to different galaxies, different universes, different planets..etc. I was so 'the one only learning' the information of it..but i've never actually seen one. So I tell it to my friend and we did the whole..'disk', reallocate their planet thing. and..I was there for..quite awhile, until finally, one day..spaceship arrives, spacecraft.. you know who was 'spaceship' actually spacecraft. it was beautiful..magnificent, I just went: (hum) I have to go on to it. It was strange this..races, never really stopped at their planet. they didn't really, you know.. stop their ships on planets, it's strange so..I figure out a way of: 'how the hell, i'm gonna get onto one of those things' because I don't know how to get on it, only 'experienced' myself on it (quantum sharing). Then I realized, this plan of not going to work, i'm not going to get onto the ship like this. I've too..find a different way. so, I thing that patience. Because, I know..inevitably, i'll be old enough to have satya take me..on the ship.. to visit other planets and other galaxies, so let me 'first' get to know existence from that perspective, then.. when i'm old enough, i'll create my own spaceship. well know what? I don't know how I was gonna do it. I don't it will be possible but I knew that's what I am doing. So. I said fine. I went back to my planet and.. remain there until I got..'older'. it's..strange, it's not that time 'expand' according to your..knowledge and information intake.. and how you'd apply that during your 'daily live' and you know..what it is that you do, and you know, how you show, and how you.. assist others to understand what it is your able to do. that's how you 'age'. but it's natural occurrence have it automatically age from that perspective, or growing up from that perspective, that's never an issue for anyone. for me, of course, it was. So, I did my best to..'grow up'. yae, as 'fast' as possible.. then the time came.. were at satya (smile), finally. said: right. First day, going to go 'explore..' the universes..the galaxies, the planets. She had this like this big big..spaceship, spacecraft. it wasn't really a spacecraft.. it wasn't one that..I would have gone: ah yes! you know, this is the one i'd like to experience myself. oh no. It is was a round flat..spacecraft? of course, fucking huge. spacecraft..flat.. Then, you're able to stand inside had like know (height), for you able to stand in.. You know you have like..what do you call it? You have like these boats..that you climb inside in, and just got the edge around it.. and you can still look outside..ok? not taking into comparison with that 'boat', I am just saying..what it look, what it.. what you're able to do when you come into that spacecraft. you climb in, it's..huge flat, round..and that's where you move on.. and..then, from know, with us to different planets. First thing, I yankor asked was: satya, take us to the planet with all the spaceships?! Then she said to me something interesting, she said: usually, planets with spacecrafts.. races that exist in spacecraft don't have planets. so that, that doesn't make sense, where do they come from? and she said: the spacecrafts..are in the manifestation of a being. now does that work? because, you know spacecraft is spacecraft. how can it be a being? she said: how else do you think spacecrafts are developed? yankor? I was saying: know, common sense would probably be that, they're building it of 'something'..I mean what are planets in exists of? planet beings? You won't believe.. bloody answers, she said: yes..planets are also beings. I said: what? so you're telling 'my planet', is a being? why doesn't it speak then? She said: have you ever spoken to it? of course, I said: no. I said: why doesn't it speak to us? because, satya said, it doesn't need to speak. So I started..learning more about what it is..this universe is actually consisting of. then.. there was: how the hell, did that happen to be beings? and then..apparently, it has something to do with the..annunaki.. 'imprisoning beings', who had done something to their race, in their planet.. and they manifested them as a 'prison' for their remainder of their existence, on which other..'races' are able to make their living..things like that. So, it was quite interesting. Now, on this spaceship, spacecraft..topic. satya, I asked satya: satya, I wanna go to one of those, please. satya to me: no, you're not ready yet. I did not accept that answer,, anu during that time..was a being with..connections he..really went to 'school', it's not really like a school, you was more.. you learn about your..'existence', you know. and he was rarely there.. because his 'father', his family..based placement. they were seeing as the.. the most important beings in existence, you know not like kings or gods or..governors, like government..thing, that you have here on earth. No, they were just..important. You know, because..they were the..'creators' so 'they' were seen as creators. Of course to me it was irrelevant. I just..'saw' everything as what it is, what it was.. but..anu's placement, was specific. So, I wanted to get back..anu has visit us a lot. I don't know what he's like..he..he was, you know those nerdy scientists you'd get? you know, always in the basement.. developing things, getting things yae..that was him. seemed innocent. but..I had found I enjoy him, I think he's quite smart.. he created, manifested quite interesting things. he always..wanted to take it one step further.. you know, always wanted to be better than..someone else..the whole time. So he always his exploration in manifestations of creations. So I went to him, because anu, him and his father and his family..'things'.. was most all the galaxies and universes and planets. so I asked him: anu, I want to get on this 'spaceship', god damn it, take me on a fucking spaceship! and..he just looked at me, and he said to me: i'll arrange. thank god. So, what he 'arranged' for me..was..this 'small little' spaceship..really small, and he said to me I can have it. because it was what he..this was like the 'real old models'. this is your first one. So, it's was quite an interesting make..the expression. So, i'll tell you about the 'history' of my first spaceship. a bit later. Please join us for Discussions: Receive interview updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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