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Mutant Virus - Short Film

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Shh I don't mean to startle you. Don't be afraid. I'm a good guy. I have important business to take care of. So be quiet, okay? What? Look over and you'll see. These humans are going to be so tasty. How tasty can their blood be? They're just drunken teenagers. Does it really matter, Max? Blood is blood. Stop bickering, you two. We're lucky we caught these ones without getting the police suspicious. Thugs? Vampires. Do you have anything I can use to distract them? Sure, wait here. How about this? That'll work. Thank you. I’m going to fight them now, so you need to go safe inside. Whatever you hear, don’t come out. And whatever you see, don’t scream, got it? Who is that? Should we kill him? No. It’s probably just another druggie from the motel. Then again, perhaps we shouldn't take any chances. I’ve heard of a vampire hunter who is supposed to wear a stupid gas mask like that. Then we should kill him. Hold up. I would like to hear about this guy before potentially fighting him. Alright. They call him “The Blue Walker”. He’s a mysterious immortal man who can never die. Never. Not at all. In legend, he’s supposed to wear a gas mask or some other mask like that, and follow you around until he kills you. He’s supposed to have super strength and speed, and kills vampires for sport. Is that so? Yeah, But that's not what’s special about the Blue Walker. All of the humans call him their hero. And most mutants and vampires know him as an enemy, for obvious reasons. Are you REALLY spooked out by the hobo on the roof? You think he’s the Blue Walker? “Oooh, I’m Gabe and I’m scared of some legend no one’s talked about. Ooh, mommy, I'm scared. It’s BLUE WALKER!!!” HEY!!! He's talking to us now? How the hell did he jump off from up there? GET HIM!!! Blue Walker? Vampire, you know as well as I do. You ain't got no place to hide. So, in exchange for couple more days of your life, I need you to do me a favor. Go tell your other buddies that the Blue Walker exists, and he’s not giving any mercy. Your're so cold... what even are you? I'm Mutant Virus.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 5 seconds
Language: English
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Posted by: jonahhenrickson on Oct 26, 2019

This is the work I did for my directing class in college. Not only that, but I've been working on something like this since I was 13 years old. With that out of the way, enjoy.

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