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01 Believe Intro

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Christmas is a time for candles, fireplaces, stormy weather, and hot cider. It's a time for festivities, get togethers, friendship, and love. It's a time for giving gifts, laughter, and family bonds. With all of this happening at once, we blaze through Christmas season and forget why we have the holiday in the first place. Why do we spend millions of dollars, travel thousands of miles, and spend hours lounging around eating comfort food? Let's take a moment and remember. Christmas is a celebration of that Silent Night over 2,000 years ago when the God of the universe was born as a baby in a filthy stable in Bethlehem, a mere dot on the map in the land of Israel. This baby grew up sinless and perfect and sacrificed his own life to buy forgiveness for your sins and complete peace with God. That's what Christmas is all about. But this meaning is of no real value until you believe. When you hear about the baby in a manger in Bethlehem, believe. When you hear about shepherds in the field and angels singing, believe. When you hear about Jesus going from city to city loving people and giving of himself to everyone, believe. When you hear about the great God of the universe leaving the ivory palaces of Heaven, confining himself to the shivering body of an infant, and growing up to suffer crucifixion to pay for the sins of the entire world, believe. And when you believe and trust Him alone as your Savior, you immediately receive the gift of forgiveness for your sins, a relationship with God, and eternal life. Today, we invite you to worship our Savior. And we invite you to believe.

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Posted by: melaniej.sykes on Dec 20, 2017

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