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Jimmy Wales at Cida Camp

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[♪ guitar music ♪] Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, brought to you by iCommons You know--incredibly exciting day for us, because we've got Jimmy Wales here, the founder of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a mind-blowing thing because it brings knowledge really back into the hands of the people, around the world. It's power to the people, that's what it is. [♪ guitar music ♪] So, in 1962, Charles Van Doren said: "The ideal encyclopedia should be radical. It should stop being safe." And that's for all of us, to imagine a world, in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. And that's what we're doing. [♪ guitar music ♪] But there is one question they will always ask me: If I say something, they'll say -- -- for example, I used to talk about this prophet who came from our village who, in fact -- he did not die -- he ascended to the heavens. So they'll listen to me and they'll say: "But, where is it written?" That was the question. Because with them, they'll tell you something and say, "It's in the Book of John." So when I came across Wikipedia, for me, first I saw this is a chance to document our history and our knowledge. [♪ guitar music ♪] It's very nice. I'm very, very excited. I'm really delighted to have this, because now I'm going to be able to communicate. >> Is it gonna be a [inaudible]? >> No. [says something in another language]. It's gonna be [inaudible]. The original vision of Wikipedia is to create a free encyclopedia for every single person on the planet, in their own language. So, that's what we're doing. So, right now, there's about a billion people online, but in the next five to ten years there'll be the next billion coming online. They're going to come online in China, in India, in South America and, of course, in Africa. So, this is the future of the Internet. Wikipedia, The Academies, brought to you by iCommons MANN MADE MEDIA Share freely. creative commons attribution share-alike 3.0

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Posted by: thor on Nov 24, 2007

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia teaches students how to edit a Wiki.

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