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Old Sarum archaeologists reveal plan of medieval city

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It dates from 400 years BC, an Iron age hill-fort settled by Romans, Normans, and Saxons. It's called "Old Sarum", just outside Salisbury, but not much has been known about it. Until now. This new map has revealed an almost complete medieval city, starting with the habitations area, where the people lived. That habitations area was right here. By using ground-penetrating radar, they've discovered around a hundred dwellings beneath my feet, including several kilns where they used to cook, showing that this was once a vibrant city. The team from Southampton University also found an area that they've called "massive structures". The massive structures area is where the resources for the settlement would have been gathered, and where people meet. Naomi Matthews is from English Heritage, you must be thrilled with this revelation. Oh, it's really exciting, we've never really known much about what wasout here, on this outer valley, but now we've got this extra layer of information about the history, and we can really give our visitors an idea of what it would be like to be up here in the medieval period. The new map also shows a courtyard, perhaps somewhere William the Conqueror might have walked on his two visits here. The courtyard's likely to have been very busy. It was a hundred metres long, and fourty metres wide, and surrounded by buildings. The whole of this city thrived for around three hundred years before declining in the 13th century. The new map shows Old Sarum can still reveal new secrets. Duncan Kennedy, BBC news, near Salisbury.

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