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Workstyle Freestyle 49 - Status

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Hello Hoxbies! Welcome to Workstyle Freestyle With me, Alex Hirst, and with me, Lizzie Penny. What are we talking about this week? Status. Status! My status is, busy recording Workstyle Freestyles with the best business partner in the world. Oh! That is such a coincidence that is also, my status! Oh, your actual status as you can see it on Slack, brilliant! On Slack, recording Workstyle Freestyle. And actually, we are... well, we use Slack as our office and so for us, everyone having an up-to-date status is very important, and we insist that they do and we think that it is one of the great benefits of working this way versus working in an office environment. Because in an office if you're at your desk, people might think 'oh, she's available for a chat' No, no, no. I might be in the zone or I might not. But, I might want to have a status on my desk saying, 'I'm not there, I'll be back in five minutes,' which is actually quite socially acceptable but what's less socially acceptable is to put up a big sign next to your desk and say 'I'm in the zone, do not interrupt me.' And actually, we think there are two great benefits of having an up-to-date status. One: Productivity You're able to work in the way that's best suits you so that you can be at your most productive and two: #RespectTheWorkstyle which is what we're all about If people know when you'll next be working or what you're doing right then then they'll be able to respect your individual workstyle It's a brilliant thing about working in this way, and using Slack as the primary form of communication that you can communicate to that level of detail your availability There is also the slight issue working from home that children, or pets, or unexpected visitors can interrupt, which is why I have one of these which I got for Christmas, and I am very proud of, thank you wife. Is that a status light? Yeah, it's a status light. To alert the children to the fact that I'm recording Workstyle Freestyle Could you put a lock on your door? I probably should, to avoid a BBC News type situation That's been Workstyle Freestyle, thanks for tuning in get your status ready, see you soon.

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