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Bridget Jones vs. Pride and Prejudice

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You know, Elizabeth had her struggles with the social mores of the time, and one of the nice things about their courtship is that she and Darcy are constantly having these little battles, but they’re actually defining their own view of how life should be lived, and what’s wrong with society, and what’s right with society... through these little conversations... erm…which is all part of the fun. Mr. Darcy! Miss Bennett! Elizabeth’s quite spiky, she says stuff to people, whereas Bridget thinks things: she thinks people are being rude and she thinks of things she’d like to say… but she doesn’t actually say it, usually, she just thinks it. And Bridget is much more chaotic, Elizabeth is very dignified, and elegant, and Bridget is not those things. Bridget would not survive well in 18th- century England, I don’t think so.. she would get into a mess! But, yes, they do have some qualities in common, and not others. Apparently, she lives just round the corner from you. Mother, I do not need a blind date, particularly not with some verbally incontinent spinster who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and dresses like her mother. Yummy! When I first started writing the Bridget Jones novel, I just had a collection of columns… and no plot, really… and simultaneously Pride and Prejudice was going out on the BBC, and I was infatuated with it, and…so I just stole the plot, erm..and hung my columns on it, and then the book increasingly began to mimic and nick stuff from Pride and Prejudice. But it’s a very good plot. And I thought Jane Austen wouldn’t mind, and anyway she’s dead. I think it’s a really really good novel, it’s not surprising it’s still popular everywhere, after two hundred years. It’s got a really sound plot, It’s a really good romantic plot; it’s got a fantastic, very modern heroin who’s independent-minded and funny, and perceptive, and a bit defiant and feisty, and even though it’s written as a little microcosm of society, and it seems very light, it actually tells you a lot about what was going on in the broader world at that time, and it’s full of themes and messages about human nature, all sort of effortlessly gliding along. It’s a masterpiece.

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