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The Guard (2011)

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♪ [Old western guitar ] ♪ [humming] Sargeant Gerry Boyle - cop shop. [ 3 gunshots] [cop] Was it a sheep or somethin'? [suspect] It was a lamb. Let me know what his parents think. [3 gunshots] (voice) I've got some information about that murder last night. (Boyle) What murder? How many murders have you had in the last 24 hours? (Boyle) That's for us to know and you to find out. [3 gunshots] Oh, I wish I'd brought me handcuffs. [giggling] [3 gunshots] I don't think your mammy would be too pleased about that now. [2 gunshots] Head in to attend a briefing from a fella who's over from the FBI. (Agent Everett) Now these men are highly dangerous. In the vicinity of $500 million worth of cocaine on board. Yes, Sargeant (Boyle) I thought only black lads were drug dealers? And Mexicans. Apologize to the man. Apologize for what? For your racist slurs, for one thing. I'm Irish, sir. Racism is part of my culture. I'm only havin' a bit of fun, lad. Don't mean nuttin' by it. So I thought we might start by canvassing the neighborhood It's a bit chilly out, huh? I'm sorry. You lost me at we. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. It's a Gaelic speakin' region. Did they not teach you that at Langley? How you doin' sir? Sir? Langley is the CIA, you idiot, not the FBI. (Everett) I can't tell if you're really dumb, or really smart. Are you alright? Milkshake headache. Look at that. They're here! Have you ever been shot before? Yeah. Does it hurt? Did you grow up in the projects? No, I did not grow up in the projects. [gunshots] [machine gun fire, explosions] (Everett) I actually come from a very priviledged background. Summertime in the Hamptons, skiing in Aspen. I thought black people couldn't ski? Or is that swimmin'? [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Sep 8, 2011


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