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System Demon: Mother Demon

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Desteni Interidimensional Interview: System Demons 4 - Mother Demon Heelloo! I am the..the mother demon. the mother 'system' demon. All..right. I am the demon, I am in all mothers in the world, at the moment I haven't found one mother.. that is not of anything..of a mother demon system, so. I am, the mother system demon. the mother system demon is the mothers that have the .. following words inside their 'mind' (excuse me), and their feelings and emotions. For instance..I fear for my child's my child safe? I am scared to something will happen to my child.. I must make sure that there is always food on the table.. I must make sure, I save money for in case..there might not be money in the future. I wonder if my husband loves me anymore? it doesn't look like that. I wonder if i'm pretty enough to my husband? I doesn't look like that.. or at least my children loves me at least i've my children that appreciated me. We had children to save this marriage, it apparently this marriage is not working out. I wonder why? I'm not happy anymore, i'm not happy in this marriage anymore, it's not working for me anymore but at least I have my children, my children still loves me, my children still appreciate me. My husband doesn't appreciate my food anymore, why does he seem so distant? Is he having an affair? or at least my enjoying the food on the table, at least they are appreciating it. At least my children are getting a good education. they're getting a great education. See i'm a 'good mother', children has clothes, my children has food, my children has 'education', my children has money saved in the bank..'I am a good mother' I discipline my children..they'll grow up to be good children..very well disciplined, they'll listen to me. my children listens to me therefor, 'I am a good mother'. My children doesn't throw tantrums. my children has a good mother. Why isn't sex so good anymore with my husband anymore? I wonder why? Am I not good enough anymore? maybe he will have an affair.. if I don't, if my sex is not good enough with my husband, I can't let that happen.. I have to spruce up my sex life. oh don't worry, at least my children love me, at least my children appreciate me. Yes, know thoughts like that, if..a mother has any thoughts like that going on in your head.. Oh what's the other one? oh, hope I am not too fat. hope my clothes fit me perfectly. Have I been picking up weight since i've been married? Oh my children doesn't matter, my children don't mind, my children love me for who I am. My husband doesn't have to love me. (smile) Ok, this is the mother..system demon. and those are just some..thoughts that might go on inside woman's heads and if those do.. realize that..i'm in you. Oh what's another one? is..for instance, When mother see other mothers, with prettier children or prettier bodies or something.. they'll go: oh my god, I wish I was more like that. Or my husband maybe prefer to have a wife more like that.. maybe I should become..more a wife like that.. maybe I should lose weight, go on a diet. Don't you know that if you go on diets, you actually make yourself 'more fatter'. (laugh) People are silly. ok. Thank you very much. this is..the mother 'system demon' bye. Please join us for Discussions: For Interview Updates: Join Beyond the grave, More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN:

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 7, 2009


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