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[AARP Real Possibilities Boomers @ 50+] [Movies for Grownups] [female reporter] Film and politics rarely mix well, but the figure of the late United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez brought the 2 together one evening in Washington. We are at the U.S. Capitol, where a special screening of the movie Cesar Chavez about the United Farm Workers leader is taking place. The film stars Michael Peña as Chavez and John Malkovich as one of his opponents. [John Malkovich as Mr. Bogdanovich] So who the hell is this Cesar Chavez? [female reporter] Exactly, says director Diego Luna. [Diego Luna] Surprised that no one has told the story of Cesar Chavez in a film— there's documentaries, but his life hasn't been celebrated in film. And I believe it's important that young generations get to know who he was. America Ferrera, who plays Chavez's wife, Helen, talks about the private man. [America Ferrera] And there was conflict and a push and pull between Cesar, the leader of this movement, and Cesar, the husband and father of this family. [Diego Luna] It's a movement that promoted non-violence as a tool of change. It promoted ideas, and—and it was a very weak community that happened to collapse one of the most powerful industries of California, and the whole country. [female reporter] Do you think cinema is so, so attuned for social change? [Diego Luna] Definitely—cinema can raise the questions, start debates, and bring important themes to—to a bigger audience, you know? I know there's films that have changed my life— I know it's possible—so that's why—I guess—I do it. Film can be very powerful. So definitely—The Bicycle Thief, for example— it allowed me to have a relation with my father, you know? It—it taught me a lot about being a son, and today, being a father. [female reporter] You introduce the subject of Cesar Chavez being aware that, while he was doing this, didn't take care of his own children. How does this resonate with you as a dad? [Diego Luna] Every time I try to tell a story, I end up telling a story of a father and a son. And that's because of what worries me and where I am right now, you know? I have 2 kids and I—and I see everything from that perspective. And I think that's what makes the film universal, because everyone's a father or a son. [female reporter] Or a mother—Helen raised their 8 children pretty much on her own. [America Ferrara] She did raise the kids—she went out into the fields to work and to make money to put food on the table while he sometimes was out pamphleting and beginning the movement. She, at the same time, the role that she played in the household, raising 8 children—you know, being an ally to Cesar so that he could do what he did— those are—you know, those are—those are actions of support that shouldn't be any less important. [John Malkovich as Mr. Bogdanovich] The citizens in Delano, they respect the law. [Michael Peña as Cesar Chavez] So do we, especially the bill of rights.

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