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Where to find an ekamukhi rudraksh? Sadhguru

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At one time I had 8 very wonderful ekamukhis with me I threw all of them into the Kaveri River They're very powerful rudraksh When I came to the conclusion of Dhyanalingam consecration I went and dropped it into the Kaveri River. You can try, I can tell you where I dropped it. Very wonderful, powerful rudraksh Now, ekamukhi. Wearing a rudraksh which is not suitable for you can cause lot of disturbance to your life. Generally we say if you wear ekamukhi, within 12 days you'll leave your family The question is not whether you'll leave your family or not. the nature of the ekamukhi is such it will set you into that kind of mold that you cannot be with people It is for an ascetic. It is not for somebody who wants to live in family situations where there is physical contact with people, emotional contact with people. This won't assist you. It will just pull you away in a different direction If you try to go this way when it's pulling you that way it will cause disasters to your life. I know people-- all these 8 rudraksh, one was given to me by somebody else who had it All the other 7 came to me from people who had in their families inheriting it for a long time and it was causing hell in their families. And when I looked at them I told them these are the trouble that you have You have a rudraksh in your house. You remove it from your place, everything will be OK. So they offloaded it on me. And I kept it with me somewhere between 15 to, you know the last one maybe three, four years, but in the span of about 15 years I collected this eight rudraksh and once the Dhyanalingam was over I just put all of them into the river. I could have offloaded it on you. I'm sure you're willing

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains the powerful affects of wearing the one faced rudraksh or "Eka Mukhi". He also goes into describing where these are found by those on the path. (A06)

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