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Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

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Return of the Kung Fu Dragon A very long time ago, there was an island in the South China Sea. It was known as Phoenix Island. The capital of the island was a magnificent place called Golden City. The emperor of the city was aided by his three loyal generals. They were Chei Chan, Ma Chen Kun and Pau Ting. They combined their talents to establish a new form of kung fu: sahng chai. Even the most fearsome bandits were scared to cause trouble on Phoenix Island. The citizens lived their lives in peace. But, one day... Well, master, now I have the dragon stick, you will soon rule Golden City. You'll be the new master of Phoenix Island. Old man. You missed me. You're careless. Master! Master, Chei Chan is finished. We can attack the city. Hmm. Give the order! Attack the Golden City! Attack! Close the gate. Attack! Master. The bridge. It's falling. Go get reinforcements. We attack. Go! Go! Chei Chan, what about the gates? Two more have fallen. You go to the palace without stopping, or else, we'll all be beaten. What's that? You will stay? Forget me. You go quickly. Yes. Go quickly. Quickly! Help. My daughter. My daughter. Let's go! My daughter! I left her inside. What? I will go rescue her. Right now. Oh, be quick. No. Help. Stop it. Princess. You better leave. Don't worry about me. Get dressed. And godspeed. Chen Kun. I love you, but who can save us? Attack. Daughter! Daughter! Princess! Princess, don't be afraid. I'll get you out of here. Chen Kun! Darling. Father. Get out. You must leave now. But... but... Will you not help us both to get away? Mama. But I have an important mission. You may not really care about me, but... surely, you must help your little girl. But I have no choice. I can only take one person. But she's our daughter! Well... Chen Kun? Chen Kun? Chen Kun? I'm sorry. I have my duty. It's what's expected of me. Chen Kun! Little darling. Don't cry. I'm here now. What are you trying to do? Kill her! Where is she? Search! -- Sir. Father! Father. It's... It's terrible. The ports are out. ??? You are not safe. Uncle... Princess. Don't be afraid. You're safe. Where's Chi Pen mountain? This is Chi Pen hill. Please. Do me a favor. Take the child ... ... to Hsiang Chiao Chien. But uncle... I AM Hsiang Chiao Chien. Listen carefully. You must find that child at all costs. Get on with it! Quickly! Listen... She's a princess... of the Golden City... You... You MUST look after her! Uncle! Go! Go! Master. Master, they're chasing us! Hmm. How dare they do that! They will not be able to get very far. No one will be able to enter the mountain for the next nineteen years. Master. The princess will be fully grown in nineteen years. I'm certain I can beat you. You have proved that you fight well. Now you can join us. Thank you. Tell me something. Why do you tie these knots? Each year at this time, for the past nineteen years? Huh? I tie them ... for you. Only you can untie these knots. Oh. Good. Then I'll untie them. Uh uh. His majesty! I'll hide, mother. Your majesty. Get up, get up. Uh, where's my daughter? Here I am, father. Come on. You first. Your kung fu is pretty good. Come on, sit down and have a drink with me. Uh, your majesty, I don't think I'll stay for that drink. All right then, if you don't want to give me face. I think I'll go for a walk while the weather's still dry. Majesty. Hey, take some guards. No need. Mother, I'm going. Steam buns! Get you steam buns here! Steam buns! Come on then, get your steam buns here. Hey, what are you doing? Money! What's that? I have to pay? Now you must buy it. Oh my god. My steam buns! Sorry. I must go now. Wait. You must pay me. One hundred tiles. Really? Come to my house. Hey, not a hundred tiles, but one tile. My friend. One tile, all right? Yes. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks. Sorry. I came late. That's all right. Now tell me. Where shall we go for a walk? Where shall we go then? I cannot go. I'm on duty. You bastard. You're only able to make trouble, and not business. With no regrets, I must capture and punish you. That sounds fair to me. But then, can you catch me? Attack! -- Sir! I want to talk to you. Let's go over there. What's wrong with here? Hey. Get away. Thanks. Princess. Why did you let him off? And when will you ever learn to forgive and forget all the past? You are the princess of Golden City. General Ma brought you here nineteen years ago. He was killed after you safely arrived. General Black oppresses the people. He pleasures himself all day at their expense. He doesn't care for the people. General Black's kung fu is very good. You alone could never beat him. Well? Only generals Chan, Ma and Pau could beat him. Where are they? They're already dead. There are descendants. Let's find Ma Chen Chen immediately. But master, she's the Black girl. The Black girl? So she is. Hau Ping, come here. Master! Enter the palace invisibly and give this to Yen Chi. It has been exactly nineteen years since the fog sealed off the mountain. It is time it was lifted. You may leave. Yes. Right. That old Chiao has lifted the fog today. The time is up. Have you seen anything suspiscious? No. Good. Then we're safe. What time is it? Noon. Emperor, I must meditate. All right. Then I must go. Goodbye. My little sweetheart. I'll get you more fruit. Okay. My little sweetheart. I'm dreaming? He's baked. Why not then? I am drunk. You... who are you? What are you doing here? I am Hau Ping. From Chi Pen mountain. That will be all. You may go now. Yes. Get up. Empress. Don't be afraid. My master is Hsiang Chien Chiao. He asked me to deliver this letter to you. Here. It's for you. Here. Here. How I waited for this day. Nineteen years. Now it's arrived. What did it say, Empress? He asked me to tell Black girl the truth. And he wants me to find Chan and Pau's descendants. And when she's done that, she must go to Chi Pen mountain. But where is she? His majesty! I will find her. Don't you worry. Hide yourself. Calm down. I know how to hide myself. Sahng chai kung fu will again reign supreme on your arrival. Go now. Yes, master. Be careful, for that magician shall always be watching you. There she is. Princess. Ask the general to quickly arrest all teenage girls. Don't let one of them go. -- Sir. No fish will slip through my net. He is not your father. He is your enemy. No. No. I don't believe it. You're just lying to me. You're lying! Do you remember the nineteen knots that I tied for you? I wanted you to know the hatred of being conquered. Will you believe me? But I ... Your own mother. She was killed by these bandits nineteen years ago. I saved you in the confusion. On your body is a sky horse. It will remind you that you are a descendant of one of the three generals. Are there more with marks like that? Yes. When you find others with similar marks on their bodies, they are also descendants of them. Mother! Check the town. Now get going. -- Sir. Come on. Don't stand there gaping. Go check anyone with skirts. -- Sir. General. What do you think you're doing? You're disturbing the peace. Ah? I am responsible. You shut up. Hey. I said only teenage girls. Go on. Quickly. Get her. There she is. Get her. After the princess. Stop there. I will get her. -- Sir. Got a mark on you? Who are you? I'm Chan Yu. The day is here already. Princess. Get up. Princess. I'll cover you. You go. No. You shouldn't expose yourself yet. Get her! After her. Quickly. Get her! -- Sir, I ... Where the hell are you taking him? Clearly he's a man. Princess, I'm terribly confused. I can't tell whether it's a man or a woman. Well? Yes. Yes. Hey. Which way did she go? She went that way. Oh. Hey. Chan Yu. --- Hau Ping. Quick. We better go that way. Right. Sorry. Chan Yu! You go. My god. Chan Yu must have been captured. You. How do you know her name is Chan Yu? Well, I know that Chan Yu is the princess. Princess. You know no more. I'm sorry. Princess. I'm going. You have a horse on you. If I'm not mistaken, you're Chei Chan's son. Am I right? Will you kill me? I won't. On my back, there's a mark. Dad, dinner. Sorry father. It's not much. Son, you're very good to care. Anyone home? Go and see who is that. Right. Is your father called Pau Ting? Don't bother me now. I was just eating. Take off your clothes. I want to see your behind. You want me to show you my backside? I have to know whether you are one of us. Take me to Pau. My father is ill. Why not go? Before you die. Please will you tell him we have found the princess. Tell him that Chei Chan's only boy has been to visit him. Chao Chen. Come here. Father. Sit down here. Sit down. I have something to tell you. Listen carefully. Come on. Come on. Come on. I'm sorry captain, but we've been ordered to kill you. I have expected this all along. Thunder kung fu! Watch that little bastard closely. You. Make sure his feet don't touch the ground. -- Sir. I'll ask his majesty when we can kill him. Let him go. Princess. You can't let him go. I don't want to let him go. I want to kill him. You can't kill him. He hasn't been questioned. Oh. How can I escape with this thing on me? Stop laughing! Catch him! Bye! No! He's escaped again. I am certain that she is the princess. You must kill her, and then we will be protected. You fool! If you kill me, then I will rest in the knowledge that you will die. Emperor! The man we captured has escaped. We must get rid of her. Take her out and kill her. -- Sir. Wait. Emperor. We cannot kill her yet. And why is that? You must have a better plan? Emperor. We must keep her here to get the others. When they come, we will kill them all. Good. But what happens if she escapes? Then we will gain nothing. Emperor. There is no need to worry. For I can put her in a place where no one can escape from, unless they are dead. Chan Yu, wait! You could have been killed in there. But how's that? Look. That's melted by now. I don't think that anyone has ever gotten out of here alive. What? No one has escaped? Never. Unless they are led by the magician. But I know someone who can come and go just as they want. Just as they want? Who is that? Me. Ma Chen Chen, the little Black girl. Miss Ma. Princess, please. We leave. Come. You may leave. -- Yes. Mother. I have saved the princess. Princess. Please. You have suffered enough for our kingdom. For the good of such a noble cause, I am not afraid. He will be coming soon. Go to Chi Pen mountain. -- Yes. Ma. When I have gone, he will ask some questions. What should we do about it? Hey. I have an idea. Why don't I take your place? In disguise. -- Good idea. We'll change there. Behind here. I don't believe that she would betray me, but no one except you can get out of there alive. Miss Ma. Better get going. And you? You be careful. We'll be all right staying here. Miss Ma. Quick. Goodbye mother. And princess. -- Bye. Help. The Black girl's been captured. Help. Help. The Black girl's been captured. Attack! Well? Where's the black girl? She was captured by the... Birds only do their flying under the sun. They perform their best only during daylight. I will remember. This is demon conquering peregrine. Induce your enemy into this technique when you are in danger. I am hoping that one day you'll be able to master it. But you must practice carefully. Every day, and without failing. Horse three, pawn four. General five, forward one. Pawn six, conquer five. General five, conquer three. You are given to an unusual disposition and challenge for kung fu. Only you can learn the way to defeat the emperor of the Golden City. It's no good. Hey. Give it here. Look. Now there's none for anyone. Why didn't you give it to me? Stop arguing. The princess is waiting for us. Let's be quick. All right. I'm sorry. Get them. Come along. What? Hey? What's going on? It's a chess battle. Pawn three, move forward one. Chess eh? Ah, all right. Checkmate, five moves. Grasshopper jumping. Great fish of the sea. Dragonfly over the water. Pawn five. Forward one place. Go forward! Knight to rook. Hey. Hit him where it hurts. Knight for check. Pawn to win. Damn. I've lost. I've lost. Retreat! Retreat! Let them get away. You old fool. You wait. Grandpa. I have come to destroy the magician's mirror. His mirror? We can steal it. Right. We'll all go. You can't. It's too heavy. You can destroy it with this. All you do is put it opposite the magician's mirror. It will explode within one ... I think Chan Yu said the princess would disguise herself as the Black girl. But then where is she? Quick. What's up? -- I think there's something wrong. Be careful. We must get to that mirror. Kwan Yu? Please let me do it. You won't regret it. I can do it. Invisibly. All right. You go alone. Right. Wait. Be careful. All right. I will. Out of my way. Step back. Sorry. Now you're dead. Take him to prison. -- Sir. Come. Princess! Princess. Princess. You and miss Ma are very alike. Heh? But I am Ma Chen Chen. The princess? Oh dear. She must be in danger. Damn. If she's hurt I'll ... What? I can't find Ta Chang either. I'll return. Back to the palace. To see if they're there. You can't go. Not alone. Let us both go together. No. -- What then? Well, if I'm in danger, I'll break some china. Good. I will come when I hear that. Then it's settled. -- Good. Tell me who you are. Maybe I was wrong. No wine? What is it? Neither a cup nor a glass. Magician. Take this with you, and study it very carefully. Leave it alone. Don't worry, my dear. Nothing could happen to her. Her kung fu is excellent. Don't cry. Come on. You're being stupid. You're back, daughter. You go after the princess. She's in the tower. All right. Don't worry. I'll help you, father. Attention. They're following. Quickly. Get going. It's you, you treacherous bastard. Get him! Quickly. You must stop him. Right. OK. Help. Help me. Kwan Yu. How's the princess? They tortured her. I'm sorry princess. Come quickly. Get them! This way. They got away. They got away, but you cannot. Take them away. Kill them. -- Sir. Wait. Please, emperor. I have a plan. What is it? Thank you. No. Don't thank us. We arrived late, and you were tortured. You're far too kind. It was nothing. For Phoenix, I'd die. Princess! Princess. Get some rest. You will feel much better once mister Hong returns with the herbs. Surely. Lie down. Go. I'm worried. Mister Hong has been too long. I'll search. -- And me. Find him. We'd better. Wait until tomorrow. Right. Daughter! Where are you going? Mother, Mister Hong is being kept in jail. I will release him. You must be very careful. I think they suspect you. Mom, don't worry. Mister Hong. Mister Hong. Get up. Please try. Ah, miss Ma. Miss Ma. We best be quick. Princess. Get on my back. My own daughter. Quick miss Ma. You can get away. Mister Hong? Mother. Come, quickly. What's gone wrong? Mother. Now hold on. Quick. We must get away from here. Arrest them. Let's go. Stop! So how about it? Tell her now. Get lost. You ... bitch ... Mother! Mother! We must get out of here now. Come, quickly. For this, it is worthy to die. You better leave immediately, before they get you. Go on. Quickly. No. Mother. No. -- Yes. There they are! Quickly. Go on. After her! Kill her. Wait. We must both be very careful. This place is a volcano. That's good. This is the place for revenge. We cannot. It may blow up. If we can't fight, then we are beaten. Miss Ma! Princess. What's wrong? We can't pass. But master told us if we throw the magician's stick into the fire, at about noon... ... then it will blow up. I'm sure of it. You're right. Let's go. The stick is inside that room. You get it. Yeah. Come on. First me. --Hey. Don't argue. Quick. This is it. Get Hau Ping. Right. You'll answer me, you will. Over the past nineteen years? I can never forget the feeling of being conquered. What? You bastard. Give me the stick. The stick will extinguish the volcano only at noon. You must remember that the stick works only at noon. You must remember. You can count on me. Miss Ma. -- Hau Ping! Give it to me. -- Give it to me. -- Give it to me. Come on. -- Give it here. Give it to me. -- Give it to me. Give it to me. -- Hau Ping! -- Give it to me. -- Give it to me. -- Give it to me. Give it to me. -- Hau Ping! -- Give it to me. -- Give it to me. -- Give it to me. You rat! Help miss Ma. Hau Ping. Hau Ping. Princess. Is it yet noon? I can't move. Hau Ping! Hau Ping! Hau Ping! Sahng chai kung fu. The heavenly hawk. The golden wing. Thunder in the sky. Black girl. Ta Chang. Ta Chang! How brave he was. Princess. One punch on you. Hah. You can't fight me like that. Come on. You stupid girl. You're leaving? It's impossible. You won't escape. Not now. Ow. Ow. My foot. Let go of my beard. After such a tirannical rule, the Golden City finally returned to tranquil peace, under the leadership of the righteous. Phoenix Island was once more as it had been a generation before.

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The complicated story involves the military conquest of a peaceful island-nation by an evil despot and his sorcerer ally. His victory leaves the island's three heroic protectors dead, but, their young children are hidden away to grow to adulthood with different identities, unaware of their heritage, in hope that, in time, they might challenge and defeat the evil ruler. The charming Polly Kuan stars as one of these children who has been adopted by the conquerer himself, initially as an insult to the defeated hero, later as his protégé.
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