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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~16:46:42 - 17:01:43

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They said to go away before they kick you. -Can you see Memory and the others? -Yes. Today, I'm going to bed just after dinner. I need to catch up on my sleep! Yesterday I just fell asleep... -Our chat didn't even last two minutes, right? -Yep. Hey, I tricked you. -I tricked him but he didn't make an effort... -Just clinging. -Hey, I fed you. -I tricked you that time. -I need to rest a bit. -Hold me again... -What? -3 times. -What? -4 times... -What? -5th, 6th, 7th time... 8th time, 9th time... -I would've fallen, silly. -They do this in class... -If he winds me up... -My stomach really hurts now. -Let me tell you, Tambala Nache lent me something... Go and snatch that piece of firewood from Silaju. Go and snatch it from Memory. Just ask him to lend it to you. Just explain! What do you want me to say? We said that ..... No as we go. Come on! Explain! Can I borrow the box? There you go. -Louder, so we can hear? -So they're saying, 'eeh, eeh!' They look like elephants, the way they're doing it. -Your filmmakers don't understand what we're talking about. -Don't touch my clothes. Am I touching you? I'd like to go out with the filmmakers. I'm crazy! Hey don't go! -Everyone wants to stand where you are. -They're jumping and dancing! -And eating. -They're looking white and... They look black, yes! Memory's going too. It doesn't look that clear in the darkness. -Maybe we should just stop ... -No way, man! -Hey, just sit over there. -Let's eat, and you're bossing your friends about? -Hello! -Memory, they're flying. -Flying? -There, up in the tree! I'll come back. -Here. -Yeah! -Move down a bit. -Hey you! -You're making noise. Noel, move out of the way! I'm feeling hot. -Noel, are you practicing witchcraft? -Oh my! Wow! -You can hardly be seen! -Can you.. Yes! Sing that song! Sydney's practicing witchcraft. You can tell by what they're doing. Simeon, can you sing the song you sang at the river? -I don't want to. -Because Charles isn't here. Who's it? Who's it? I touched you, it's up to you... -It doesn't look clear. -Who's cooked nsima at your house? -My mother. -My sister. -Mother. -Can I be seen while standing? -My sister left her home. Hey Sydney, what about that time when we found her? Yes, that was when I'd done the dishes. Then I went to Jack's to pluck a mango. I saw her walking by Vin's, just by the corner, heading that way. -I don't know. -Maybe her. -That's her! She's back. -Who is she talking to? -Where's my torch? -Someone's taken it. -Hey Simeon... -She's gone to sit in the tent. Why don't you just sleep here, Simeon? -If they told you to sleep here, would you? -No way. Simeon would sleep here, so would Noel, so would Frasier. This is mine. Simeon's alert. All the gossip. -They said don't turn. -You don't do... -Don't turn. -You go there. Frasier... oh my. Don't listen to him, Noel. Don't go. -Wait for me to break them up first. -What are they saying? He's saying you should fly and come back. It's showing that you're flying. Noel... -Does it show? -Then you're caught. -So he comes... He likes coming at night. -Who? -Samson. -Oh, so is it night time now? -It's the evening. You're so daft! Noel... I'll beat you up. -Hey Sunganani! -I'll beat you up, too. Sunganani loses his temper quickly. It's sad. Let me tell you what he did to Charles... Charles is daft... He hit him with a brick. -Who was hit? -Sunga. He almost started crying. -But it was his decision to fight. -Whatever. I felt bad for him. Sunganani couldn't get away. They were talking about him, even over where we were playing. -Really? that's harsh. -They reprimanded him. -That... -Sunganani was hit on the spot. Mommy... -"Whose tag is it? Whose tag is it?" -Our friend is now asleep. -She left. -Where did she go? -She left. I don't know where she's gone to. I just heard that she's not here. -Is she coming back today? -Maybe. -If she came back today, she might be already asleep by now. Not even maybe. Maybe she's back. -That means right she has sleeped. -Okay! -Today we're looking at... -Go to sleep! Today we're looking at compost manure. -It's time for English, okay? It's time for English. -Hey, Frasier. -Frasier! Go on! -You should cast a spell. -You're going to cast a spell, we're going to fix you so that you can cast a spell. -I've stopped! -Who wants me to give them a dollar... -Just them... -For 10,000 they should practice witchcraft. -Just seeing that... Just seeing that... umm... It's Frasier who pressed the button, then immediately Samson opened the door. -From the house. -Why, that was a trick. -I'll kick you. -What! If that happened! -I would run away. You think he doesn't know where you live. Why not follow you home and kick you. -I'd say most of us pressed the button. -No, did he see some of us? Did he? I thought he was just listening? Indeed. If you press it when he's inside, he may not know who did it. Just... You could press it while he's asleep at night or in the morning, and then run away. By the time it rings twice, you'll be long gone. -It's making that sound when they press it. -Hey Simeon, just press it. -Press it again! -That means it'll rang 8 times. -It'll still ring. -6 times. -It'll ring 3 times and that's it. -Yes. -No! Just press it and it'll ring 3 times. If it rang 3 tiimes, Samson would be able to come out and open it. Frasier, Noel, just press it like this and ran away. -If you press it like this, it would ring 3 times? -Yes, 3 times. An owl. -Where? -It's hooting over there. Keep quiet, you'll hear it. -Look at Simeon, it's Simeon. -Dancing. "A hyena cries out when it's morning. A dog barks when it gets dark. A hyena cries out when it gets dark." There's oil in Frasier's hair. -In my hair? -It's sweat. -In mine too. Your lotion smells so lovely, like it does first thing in the morning. -...that's what you know. -Simeon, sit down! -I'm tired like I went to a wedding. -Let's start dancing. -By the light? -Yes. -Let's dance. -Come on. -Where are the lights? -It's not the lights, it's a flash light. -They've turned it off. Excuse me, let me dance. Listen to what I'm saying. Hey Simeon! You should listen to what I say. I'll just say you should dance and you start. [Song] "Lady, will you follow me?" -"Let's follow on". -"Lady, will you follow". -Let's do it like this, one person should do it like this, and the other should hold this. -Me! [Song] "There goes the one-legged person, let's catch him." -Simeon will lead. -The driver is Simeon. -I'll hold this side. Driver, come, let's hold on to you. I'll be swapping. -Let's go. -No! Just wait first. -Just wait first... We're getting started? [Song] "There goes the one-legged person, let's catch him." Wait a minute! Wait a minute! "There goes the one-legged person, let's catch him" You weren't moving. -No, my friend. -Edith just pulls anyway! Edith sitting like this... A mouse, it's gone, it's there... it's gone. -It's a rat... -It's there, it's gone. -Where did it come from? -From there, from the porch. -Catch it. -Didn''t it come out from the house? -It's come out from the house. So... -A rat, a rat! -Wait first, wait first. -You're lying man! -Excuse me first, excuse me first. -"There goes the one-legged person, let's catch him." -Yes! You, catch Frasier, I'll... Hey! Hey! Simeon, catch Frasier and I'll sit here. -Let's do it like this... We do it like this. -Look, they've put it back on. -You as well, you're looking at it as... -We're here to pick peanuts! -Ok... -Excuse me, we should stand and do it to each other here. -We're here to pick peanuts! -Where should we sit? -We should sit here. -No! -Please teach us... "We're here to pick peanuts." -No, you should just stand. -"To pick peanuts..." -We are here to pick... -Hilda! -Noel! "There are no peanuts..." "No peanuts, no peanuts... on Friday!" -"Whom do we pick? Who?" -Oh please, we've been mopping! We've already poured water 8 times! The maize flour is wet... -...the blankets are wet! -You've been slapped right? -No. -Your friends have been slapped. -We'll pick Frasier, Frasier... -Madam actually whipped them! -We'll pick Frasier on Friday! -Where are the whips? -Gladys is asking who she should do the tug of war with. "Who's his friend? Who? Who?" "Who's his friend? On Friday!" -It's me. "-His friend is Edith! Edith! Edith! -She's gone!" "-His friend is Edith! She's gone to Mozambique." "We've fallen on the other side of Zomba, hold on tightly." -Frasier left! -I should go and eat. -That's it, he's gone. Just go! -No, Simeon... "Oh dear."- "Sewage has been scooped here." -Nails! Excuse me, let me do it. -Don't wait for them. "Sewage has been scooped. Sewage! Sewage has been scooped! On Friday." -"You've eaten poo, you've eaten farts. You've eaten poo..." -"You've eaten farts on Sunday!" -"You've scraped off the sewage!" -"We've come to pick up nuts!" -"We've come to pick up peanuts..." -Is she going to do it with me? No way! -...On a Friday! "There are no peanuts. No peanuts at all..." 'Who are we picking... Who are you picking..." -"There are no peanuts..." -So what am I supposed to say? I'll pick on anyone, just any other person. -I'll pick Memory, Memory, Memory... -Let Memory go! Me too!! -I'll just cry. -I'm off to have dinner. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! -"You've scraped from the sewage!" -Let's get going too, Memory. Let's go to sleep. -Let's escort them up to there. -Escort us up to there. -Sada! Let's go home. This one kept on scraping what was being scraped yesterday. They scraped off the sewage! -This one... -Come on, leave them alone! If this one misbehaves, they'll end up being kicked. -Ok! I couldn't see. -You'll see! You better hurry up, we'll be going back soon! Now see, they're leaving you behind! [Song] [Continuation of song.] -Let's carry each other on our backs. -You go first. Hey! He has AIDS.... AIDS is for all of us. -Your turn to put me on your back. -McDaniel refused. Mhu! Mhu! Mhu! Weren't you looking? Lindiwe, Lindiwe! Lindiwe, share with us. -Share with me! -Let me drink first. Like this, I should drink like this.

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