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SEX Drive - HoM 71 - Desteni

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History of Man 71. Sex Hello, this is Jack, ok Exposing sexuality. Or sex and sexuality. Or exposing sex. Let's have a look. Let's first go back to - well, not back, it's still kind of here, but not as extensive - Let's go back before everything in heaven changed Looking at the entire sexual system and the way it was set up. Within human beings there was placed a sex system, literally It was connected with the central beam - I say beam, but it's like a metallic interdimensional system, a light silver in color - placed in the center of the human physical body, then there - if you have your bum cheekes, at the top of your bum cheekes, there are bones there from there, this beam was connected to there, to the center of your back just down, on your low back, where your spine basically ends, those three points, into your mind, ofcourse connected to your unconscious mind system and basically connected to your pelvic area. Ok so, now, this was for both males and females placed exactly the same. Oh, and also connected to your emotions and feelings centers, a system placed in your solar plexus. What were relationships in this world for, actually. Now, these sex systems were placed in for two reasons and purposes. The first one ofcourse was as two human beings, two partners have sex, sexual intercourse, the sexsysteem would basically charge up and power a certain energetic momentum. Now this momentum got spread through in the sex system right into this beam placement that was placed in the center of your human physical body. Now some of that energy went into your mind area, through your unconscious mind and the others went through to the bottom of your back, where there's two low points at the top of your bum and then, right there at the end of your spine. So it went through those two allocated places in your human physical body. Two partners are having sexual intercourse - as the two partners are having sexual intercourse this energetic momentum is being charged within the sex system. Now, the energy that goes through to your mind area, to your unconscious mind, got spread through the rest and all of humanity to charge and power the mind consciousness systems within them. Because it went through your unconscious mind - your unconscious mind of course is being connected to all of humanity, the unconscious mind is that what connects all of humanity to the consciousness unified field that exist within and as this world that connects mind conscious systems as what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to become as one with the entire world. The other, the rest which is about, let's say 10% of the 100% of the energetic momentum that is being created there, went through to the back - it is called your 'power centre'. That went through to demons. Of course the demons 'Elixer of Life' if you want to call it that, was the energetic momentum that was charged through two partners having sexual intercourse. And that's the reason, the basic reason why the sex system was placed in: to charge and power mind consciousness systems in existence and to, of course assist the demons in still existing within the realm of the demon dimension. That's the principal of it, it's quite simple. So in terms of relationships, it doesn't really exist, because all that relationships are based on, is sex. Whether you say 'oh no please, I love my partner and I care for my partner' etc etc - you don't! The honesty of this entire situation is that you were locked into that relationship through mind consciousness programmed systems with your preprogrammed preordained life and for one purpose only and that is to charge mind consciousness systems in existence and of course, demons. Now this metallic part at your power centre - which is, as I have explained this top two bone points at the top of your bum and then where your spine ends basically in your physical human body, that was placed in by demons not by any others in existence - they kind of created that little thing there: three pipelines that run out of the power centre of the human physical body. Because the sexual energy that rises, it was like literally the Elixer of Life for them. I can say from that perspective. But they only took like 10% of the energy, the other 90% went through to all of humanity, through the unconscious mind, to charge mind consciousness systems. Ok, so, sexuality, sex everything, the sexual intercourse experience, everything - if you have an energetic orgasmic release - that is not an orgasm. You know what that is? That is compounded energy, it is like actually compounded emotional and feeling energy, so sex is more of a release. So your physical body like compounds, compounds, compounds emotional and feeling energy Your physical system can't handle it anymore, nor the systems within you and requires a release and that's what happens with sex. That's were you have sexual desires and sexual inhibitions etc It is just because you have emotions and feelings you haven't dealt with it during the day that'sbeen compacted within you and that requires release That release - and your physical body have been set up that way. The mind consciousness system within your physical body to not release all the emotions and feelings within you but it's like placed in like holding container to be released through the sexual experience. Because when it's released through the sexual experience, it quantifies it's compounded nature and therefore compounds the systems of the mind consciousness systems within humanity. So, orgasmic experiences is also but a release of emotions and feelings and that energy looks really disgusting. Interdimensionally it is like black and like brown color it has a little bit of shoots of color in it but you just see it quite compounded and it like releases and this beings have apparently these orgasmic experiences. It seems nice, yes, why, because it is a body going in absolute ecstasy because you are releasing the emotions and feelings, and that is basically it, actually. That is the opposite of depression I'd say - you've got depression, where you sit with the energy and you've got an orgasm which is the absolute gratification of your physical human body, going: 'god thank you for the release' something. Sexual expression and sexuality has never yet been experienced by human beings as an expression of themselves, at all. That still got to come. I'm certain we'll probably do some interviews and assist you as much as we possibly able to, but that's basically the sex system and sexuality described. Ok, thanks, this is Jack. CC English for Desteni Productions®

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Exposing Sex
and the system implant we've existed as

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