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Robocraft: Rise of the Mini Megabots/Cosmega

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What is up you guys this is SpaceKryptonite, here to bring you a movement like no other This is a current legacy that is making their ancestors proud This type of robot is tanky and is the most expensive type of robot in Robocraft Ladies and gents, we are on the Rise of the Mini Megabots (Not Directed by Michael Bay) So what are these megabots on the rise that I speak of and how is it one of the most expensive practical robots in the CRF? Let’s go over this new breed of mini megabots These megabots utilizes cosmetic masks in order to achieve the dynamic feel and size of a megabot The cosmetic parts are placed in unique ways to make these types of robots stand out from the rest These megabots utilizes max cpu in its creation for maximum effectiveness With most cpu being used on chassis, movement, and cosmetics This leaves little room for weapons making these megabots one of the tankiest tanks on the battlefield Certain megabots will also use Spaced Trifocing in order to hallow and expand the exterior of the megabot Because these megabots uses tons of cosmetic masks, these megabots can range from 600,000 Robits to a whooping 1 million Robits currently making this type of robot one of the most expensive bot in the CRF Practically speaking. Practically speaking This is the part where all those megabot builders get to feel like a celebrity on MTV Cribs with shades and a bow tie Mini Megabots are starting to rise in fame; however, some may go to the extreme, jumping to conclusions due to recent occurrences Mini Megabots are not a hack or an exploit This is simply building parts based off of cosmetics to achieve a megabot look while still being just as viable Each cosmetic part retains the health of a full Cube, yet takes up space ranging from 20 to 60 blocks in volume To put things in a much trendy terms, Megabots are back, fashionably speaking Even though the CPU limit is 1750, the amount of space that cosmetic parts take up are equivalent to seeing a bot use 2000 to 3000 CPU Mini Megabots lack firepower depending on how it’s built, but does this make it less viable? No You can achieve top ranks due to the shear tanky damage spread via Spaced Triforcing and in some megas via Aero Rod Triforcing This makes weapons like the Plasma Launcher and the Rail Cannon feel like a breeze to take damage from Now this does not mean you can walk in front of 8 robots and expect to win a 1v8 easily and... try to steal pizza from Tommyfoxy. Calm down Anyways, these megabots do require you to make your shots count and works well with tanking damage for teammates The origin of Mini Megabots did not escalated as delicious as persimmons The first Mini Megabot to set some standards was the Dragonfly DSR created by Forged1212 around April 2016 This megabot was literally about being about a bot that is the length of a megabay yet only used 1507 CPU while utilizing around 66 cosmetic parts This megabot wasn’t strong due to only utilizing Laser Wasp which meant less accuracy Even though this megabot received good feedback, it wasn’t the escalation that helped pushed players to build megabots This includes our next Mini Megabot which is the Vanguard 12 Support Cruiser created by Forged1212 This medic mega was similar to the Dragonfly as in style and didn’t use as many cosmetic parts However, I wanted to include this because of the idea that Forged mentioned “Since cosmetics were purchasable through robits, I decided to take a go.” This was the idea This was the reason why this next megabot existed and brought an upraise to the Mini Megabots very rapidly around mid June of 2016 The Tarus created by Herperlerpicus This structured a mega mech design with the use of cosmetics This bot was to fill the void of megabots, but it just doesn’t stop there The Herp then moved onto creating the Fejora as a robot that would break in more unique formations of megabots This utilizes a total of a total of 13 hoverblades You probably thought it was only 1 mega hoverblad holding this beauty together No. This bot is also armed 5 Rail Erazers and 2 Nano Menders Forged was inspired and took the challenge for this next beauty The Artemis Superheavy Assault Bot This robot was a goliath compared to the Tarus and influenced more players to keep building megabot designs just like this This next megabot is one with the Transformers Meet Megatron created by Zalera This robot was a ground breaking sensation as more players got to experience the size of a megabot while still being able to tank and secure kills in the battlefield All these megabots had their own taste and flavor to its design making them the first generation of the mini megabots With mini megabots on the rise, it can be quite fascinating to experience the vast amount of designs that players have not attempted before Some of these megabots are currently in the CRF and are a part of the megabot movement Keep in mind that these megabots will probably require 1750 CPU So if you don't have that, it won't even show up in the shop This movement is a statement that megabots are still alive A movement that wants to be a part of Robocraft as a whole More and more megabots will evolve and shape the way megabot builders build As a final note, here’s a clip that pretty much sums up the video in a matter of seconds We must be diplomatic "and of course Robocrafters" "...have their reputation to consider" Choose your next words carefully Herper... They may be you last as megabot Mad man! Your a mad man! Oh I've chosen my words carefully update. Perhaps you should have done the same This is blasphemy! This is madness! THIS IS ROBOCRAFT! So that pretty much wraps it up for this video So let me know in the comment section down below what was your favorite megabot and why? Definitely I want to thank Zalera and the Herper for providing me some megabot game play videos As well those creating the Mini Megabots which I probably will end up doing a Top 10 if the meta explodes like crazy in the Robocraft Garage Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later Even though this megabot received good feedback it wasn't the escalation that --- (phone rings) Because I'm Batman I guess I have to leave now. The king just texted me and now I have to go do stuff like royalty stuff like prepare the mansion for the king along with the red carpet stuff Yeah. (phone rings) Because I'm Batman (Nixell: I WANT PIZZA NOW!)

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jun 29, 2016

Megabots are back on the rise as builders has started shaping a new meta. These Mini Megabots are unimaginably beautiful and has quite the appetite for innovating building methods. Learn the origin, the story, and the Rise of the Mini Megabots.

========== List of Mini Megabots used in this video ==========
Artemis Superheavy Assault Bot - created by Forged1212
Vanguard - 12 Support Cruiser - created by Forged1212
Dragonfly DSR - created by Forged1212
Fejora - created by Herperlerpicus
Tarus - created by Herperlerpicus
Acuras - created by Herperlerpicus
Megatron - created by Zalera
WIP - Grigerbest
WIP - Spacecam
Ares Assault Dragon - created by Forged1212
Starscream - created by ED209mk2

Shout to these fellas for providing Mini Mega gameplay clips:


Pictures of Robots can be found on

Music used: September Sky by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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