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Natus Vincere traveled Las-Vegas (eng subs)

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What I wan to tell you boys and girls We're in Vegas Me, Edward seized Everything is a casino here I decided to walk around and record a little This is our second day in Vegas We had a great time yesterday Played everywhere Lost everywhere too And then in the end we bet on 36 red and win all of the shit back And today we decided to Start the day by walking around Vegas Have a great time once again See all of the beauty In plans we have Cirque du Soleil Today and tomorrow They have a lot of shows here with mages and stuff like that After all of that we'll just go around and record videos, take photos, everything We're in the middle of the day right now Sorry I'm losing focus Sooo I'm lagging kind of So right now we will drive around Vegas, and then go on the rollercoasters This is the hall of Bellagio, our hotel Everything is insanely cool here Honestly I thought the rooms would be more expensive I think the cheapest rooms start from $200/day This is the city of entertainment If you're tired of sea and ocean, come here That's how it is We're heading to parking So fancy in here Open the door bitch Boss is in the town This is the view outside Much cooler at night And Edward is included in the car "Sup bro" Alright we out here Holy shit the cabins are huge Seized:You can party here Seized:Anything is possible here Give me some examples Edward:Any of them No need in smoking here Denis You don't want to get thrown out of here don't you Seized:I don't see any sign that tells me I can't do it Well I don't see any that lets you do it We're Russian, we can do it But we're trying to be civilized here huh We're gonna see all of Vegas up top right? Edward:We already did in our hotel Nope, we can only see the whole city here ♪ sick tunes ♪ Okay let's dance a little ♪ On the left we see beautiful mountains Seized:And this is a red rook Is the wife called "Lift"? I can't connect:( Oh it's just shitty signal Edward:The lightning is mediocre Edward:Damn it's hot in here Yeah let's strip Yeah this thing is taking it's time Ooh we're starting to see something Last day in Vegas, we decided to go on THIS PIECE OF SHIT I don't even fear height anymore Before that I was spooked Edward you want to do a parachute jump from up here?Or from the hotel? Bet you can't jump from our room to the pool without a parachute I will play on the fountains I'm standing still Seized:Don't move Get us high bitch HOTELS EVERYWHERE HOES EVERYWHERE You want to jump with a parachute?Me too? Edward would have a couple of parachutes before jumping Nobody would allow seized to jump with that ass That ass is for porn only Okay we're much higher now Edward:That's Las Vegas for you Strong glass Will it hold my leg kick? We're almost at the top Get the fuck out of here seized This is how Vegas looks in the evening It's almost night here I don't wanna go to that restaurant Edward:Where are we going? Now we're in a mall Everything is so cool in here Edward:I want to get myself a bag Wait Edward wants a bag C O C A I N U M "It was prohibited to shoot video inside the mall so we had to stop" "The next day we went on this rollercoaster" Holy fuck I'm scared dude Seized:Yes "A lot of stretching" A little break "I didn't shoot any more footage after that" "That was a little piece of out trip to Las Vegas.If you enjoyed, like and subscribe."

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jan 6, 2016

Natus Vincere traveled Las-Vegas (eng subs)

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