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Sensual Lust

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The characters and situations which can appear in any part of the city are what inspire for Erika Lust. Creator and business woman, her challenge is to bring pornography out of the darkness, and bring it into the light, according to her feminist and female point of view. ♪♫♫♪♫♫ What did your parents say when you told them that you were going to make pornographic films? They were very happy, to them it seems like what I have done is to start a trendy, funky and interesting company. It's not that I'm making some ugly, dubious product. I'm doing something, I think, positive which shows a healthy sexuality and a product which many people want, maybe they don't say so out loud, but it's a product that people want. And this was your main motivation? Dedicating yourself to making feminist porn films. Yes, what I've seen, because of course, I've seen porn films before, and what I always felt was a sort of frustration and deception, because I didn't see my sexuality reflected in these films. I didn't see women experiencing pleasure, I saw women as giving pleasure to mean, but it was never about the women, never about their own pleasure, and this annoyed me. When you decided to start your venture to become a film director, did you do so alone and independently right from the start, or did you try at the beginning to work from inside the industry itself? Well, I started to investigate a bit about how the industry works, what there is, I talked to people and read some of the literature about how it really works. I started to think about what sort of thing I would like, about what could end up being different. And in 2004 I decided to make a short film, called "To be or not to be a good girl", and later this became part of the first film that I made, "Five stories for women". Although you say that you don't identify with the values of the traditional porn industry, which doesn't interest you you're looking for your own place within that industry. Yes, because in some way I'm a part of this industry, or maybe part of a new wave in this industry, because I'm not the only one who is really trying to make another type of film. At the moment there's a lot of movement, from all directions, in Europe, in the USA. New directors, both male and female, because the new thing is that here women are also starting to come to this industry. Because porn is an industry that has always been monopolised by men, since the beginning of the history of pornography. And as you really come closer to the genre, you've already said that as a spectator you have seen films, and you say "I don't like this, I've got to change it", but clearly, since you don't really want to make a firm decision, I want to do that. But there's clearly a path, and perhaps a long one, to say that somehow. I knew the audiovisual world, I'd worked as a production assistant as location manager as producer, in advertising, in cinema in television, and so I knew how a film was made. But what it is is that I had never directed, this was always something that I'd really wanted to try, but I'd never dared. Although you often claim the feminist or female point of view when you're making an audiovisual erotic product, you don't think that what you're making might be more than that, because in the end porn is porn, maybe designer pornography. Which could interest everyone, women, men. I understand what you're trying to say and yes, in some sense you're right, but I think it's also important to say that what I'm making is porn for women first of all. Because, of course men can also enjoy my products, I've received some letters from men saying "Why do you say that this is porn for women? I want to watch your porn too". I call it porn for women, to prove that behind this there's another way of thinking, because in my porn you're going to see female pleasure, you're going to see female desire, you're going to see a sexuality which corresponds to women. Would you be interested in making a film for conventional cinema? I would love to make a film where I don't necessarily need to show sex using the pornographic formula. The difference, as I see it, is that it's a different genre, because it doesn't try to excite you in an obvious way, and it doesn't use sex to explain a story, to explain the characters as another audiovisual element, but not necessarily with this idea of excitation, which is the main idea of pornography. For your films, you create characters. But the material you have to work with, the clay you have to mold is porn actors. Of course, they aren't actors who've studied acting. It's a challenge for them. Yes, it's a challenge, but also they have other advantages, they know a lot about physical acting, they know a lot about sex, they're not afraid in the same was as actors who have studied acting. But, of course, they have problems at the level of memorizing the scripts, at the level of putting themselves under the skin of a character, of understanding what acting really means. ♪♫♫♪ People who come to visit Barcelone, can come to see one of your films. Yes, they can get to know the inhabitants of Barcelone intimately. In your book, "Porn for women", you say that society is pornified, do you mean that in a negative or a positive sense? I say that because that's what is happening, because porn is not a phenomenon, it's not a discourse, it's not just porn, it's part of society and I think we have to see it like that, us women have to join in this discourse. We have to have our own voice and our own feelings of sexuality. How is your life day to day? As glamorous as we imagine? Yes, very glamorous, I'm always travelling in limousines, drinking champagne, eating chocolate and going to parties at Playboy Mansion. My life is the life of a business woman, I work in an office, behind a computer, I pay bills, I make phonecalls. All very glamorous! Yes, I even have parcels and I send them myself, because we have a shop on out website. And at the moment I'm sending about two parcels a day, we're selling many more films than I'd hoped. I'm really happy! Because of course, it's great when you see that you're sending films to Finland, to Chile to Australia, we've even sent one to China. This is the power of the internet, right? Don't come in! You don't want to come in! ♪♫♫♪♫♫

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Entrevista a Erika Lust, una directora de cine pornográfico para mujeres.

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