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Hour of Spiritual Unity

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I have a thought. What if people from all side of life, all over the world, decided that for one hour, one day, to form a spiritual bond. It's been my dream, that it will become a time when we will break down the barriers that separate people and that, for space and time, we would honor and respect, each other's point and their spiritual growth and reach this global place, a place that the world can sort of come together and say "you pathway to your God, to your Creator, to your Divinity through your whatever is yours." This is a must in the world today. In order to create a space of love and caring we need to have a spiritual place where all peoples enrich a unanimity. This year new the moon of Aries begins on Monday, the 27th of March. My idea is that on this day, each one of us, for one hour, try to find a spiritual connection by so doing we would interconnect that spiritual connection with all the people in the rest of the world that are also doing the same things and maybe simple picking up a book of poetry and feeling your inner a consciousness become awakened by it it might be reading from a Holy book of any kind, really maybe be a simple breathing technique that make you connect to something about yourself. What I am trying to do is build wires, multiple wires in the world that can help us create a place of revelation of Light that will translate into a place of peace. I am posting this with hashtag #HourofSpiritualUnity With your permission I ask you to do the same. In this way we tie our individual choices into one sentiment and give form to all our many Spiritual Expressions. If we can do this, I am sure we will see in the very near future the results more unity, more wonders. Thank you. I appreciate your listening to me. I think it is important. I hope you do too. God bless us all. For one hour, during the evening of Monday, March 27th read any spiritual text or participate in any activity that awakens your spirit. Tell the world how you plan to spend your hour by using the #HourOfSpiritualUnity on any social media platform.

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Posted by: yosef.farnoosh on Mar 3, 2017

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