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Rep. Folwell: N.C. Must Stop Illegal Immigration

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Speaker: One of the toughest advocates, somebody from the very first time I met him I can't remember what year it was, but from the first time he came to the General Assembly You can't find any who have worked harder on the issue than he has My good friend, Representative Folwell. *applause* Representative Dale Folwell: Thank you and thank you for coming out. I want to start by saying as we approach this subject, we can't assume that everybody who is brown is here illegally, and we can't assume that everybody who doesn't speak English is here illegally. There's a correlation between those two. More importantly, we also can't consider people standing behind me and that we've heard speak are radicals either We have serious problems, and illegal immigration is one of the major crises facing this state Much of the blame goes to the federal government. What I try to work on in the House are double standards. Starting with public education. People who are here illegally can basically present a Bible and enter a public school when the child's name is on the front page in the book. Versus most of our children who, when we enter public schools in North Carolina We have to give a birth certificate, go to the doctor, pay a co-pay and get an immunization recod in order for our children to enter public schools. That's not correct. Double standards are occuring in the transportation and crime and public safety in this state and public education and almost every facet of state government when it comes to how illegals are treated compared to this citizens of this state and citizens of this country. *applause* So our challenge is to present conservative and common sense solutions to these problems that reward people in this state for doing the right thing and punish those doing the wrong thing *applause* I want to close by saying this never hits home more than when you are back home in your district and you go to the emergency room or some other health care facility and see the impact that illegal immigration is having. We're dealing with a big problem in Winston Salem about what we're going to do with Business 40. People say that the cost of illegal immigration does not add up, but there is a new publication that came out regarding that issue that had to be in two different languages. I can tell you that as a student of economic history, and I've studied economics over the last 300 years, I can tell you that there's two things that civilizations never survive: And that's the devaluation of their currency or devaluation of their language, and these are two things that Americans are facing at the same time. Thank you and Gbod bless you. *applause*

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Posted by: dalefolwell on Jul 7, 2008

Representative Dale Folwell's remarks at the Americans for Legal Immigration rally in Raleigh.

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