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The open plains of the asphalt jungle. Home to many creatures, great and small and the parking ground for one of the most clever & illustrious creatures the plastic bag! Today we explore the cycle of life for this curious creature - the plastic bag - on its migration to its home: the Pacific Ocean Once released into the wild, the plastic bag is unsure of itself it falters at first, but soon, with some help from the wind, the bag will be airborne! This flight will be the first in its long journey towards its final destination: the Garbage Patch in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Using the wind to guide it, the plastic bag moves across the city through the air. A city park. This park may at first seem an idyllic place for the plastic bag, but danger lurks around every corner. Here it will encounter many enemies - including one of the most dangerous. Park services! Poor little fellow... Looks like his journey ends here. Meanwhile our little bag has encountered one of nature's most deadly killers: the teacup yorkie. Once the yorkie has locked on to its victim, there stays a little hope of survival. But using its superior size and deft manoeuvring, our bag manages to escape the yorkie's talons and flee for its life. Over the course of its miraculous migration, the plastic bag will cover VAST distances - through neighbourhoods, across parks and dense city streets. It is now nightfall. And our highly advanced night vision cameras have managed to capture for the first time in history a plastic bag in pitch-black. Phenomenal! The vast cement rivers of California home to literally dozens of animals. Many plastic bags will not make it out of here. The reeds and branches will see to that. As at home in water, as it is on land or in the air, the bag's natural buoyancy makes it an excellent swimmer. It's close now! And it can feel it! At last! The bag has reached the gateway to the open sea. Careful to avoid the mauls of hungry sea-life that feed on the helpless plastic, the bag will travel HUNDREDS of miles, to join the thriving community of plastic, known as THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH! The Garbage Patch is a veritable plastic oasis, where millions of tons of plastic garbage remain trapped by the currents. It is said to be twice the size of Texas. Never actually bio-degrading, here the plastic bag can live INDEFINATELY! Peacefully coexisting with billions of other petroleum species before breaking into ever tinnier plastic pieces. Thus, completing the PLASTIC CYCLE OF LIFE! Heal the Bay: Plastic bags are not indigenous to the Pacific. Help stop our 19 billion bag-a-year habit in California. E-mail your letter at We need your help to end plastic pollution. Tell your Senator to support AB 1998 at You can make the difference.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: tinaki on Sep 4, 2012

Narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, this "mockumentary" video, hammers home the stark reality of California's plastic bag pollution situation. Still, this isn't the reality only in California, but rather in many places on Earth.

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