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It's Time to Change: Pollution

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It's Time to Change Pollution And We Have a Plan - What do you think about the oil spill from the BP platform? - Well, of course, that lowers Obama's rating, 'cause he had the oil companies. But what could have been done. You could take a ring of steel, tube. And put canvas, make a funnel of canvas with a tube leading upward and then a tapered funnel all along the leak. So, the oil flows up and out and to prevent fire use inert gas, which is leaked in there too. So, you don't have fire when the oil is climbing up. There's many different possibilities but the oil company should have built that before the oil spill. But that costs some money. You understand? That's why companies... There was a guy named Cantrell, you should know about this. About ninety years ago, he made a unit with metal plates and the smoke coming out of the smoke site became electrically charged and they adhere to the second set of plates. So, oil comes out, and from the smoke site is warm air, no pollution. Eighty years ago, I only know of two insulations. So, there's a lot of wonderful things, the electric car was killed. You know? And many other wonderful inventions out there, but you won't see them. You know the story of Tesla, I'm sure. He built a tower to generate electricity from the air. They bombed it. Because no one's gonna finance that. There's no money in it. If you make things available to people, that's not good for business. - Well, we do have ecological problems on the horizon. The real problem is the economic system. And the system can be stopped, it's like a series of dominos and the can just put your hand right down and stop the dominos if you had the power to do so. So, I want people to remember that. I want people to remember that the reason that everything is what it is, right now, isn't the fault of some politician, isn't the fault of the elite bankers or any of that stuff. It's the fault of the general reinforcement and systemic result of the economic structure itself, and what if reinforces and what it creates and the normality of the Zeitgeist that it creates and until people realize that, nothing will ever ever change. Jacque Fresco ( Peter Joseph (

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Posted by: electric_blue on Jul 17, 2011

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