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mlg snapblox

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SnapBLOX - A ROBLOX Machinima Shedletsky: you wanna know what'd be cool? MrDoomBringer: what? MrDoomBringer: wouldn't that be classified as child pornography? Shedletsky: but not neccessarily nudes, more like, provocative pictures MrDoomBringer: i have so many questions... Shedletsky: well i wasn't asking, BEEYOTCH *Meanwhile* Fave: man, how do i get chicks' nudes on roblox? Fire: nah, i'm talking about SnapBLOX Fave: okay... fill me in Fire: so it's like snapchat, but on roblox! Fave: so chicks can send me their nudes... ON ROBLOX? Fire: yes! *fave calls up amber* Fave: hey amber, what's your SnapBLOX Amber: oh it's Ambutterfly Fave: that's a stupid userna- i mean alright, i'll add you! Amber: okay! *fave calls up RDubs* Fave: yo, RDubs, what's your SnapBLOX? RDubs: you got some robux? Fave: why? Fave: oh come on, i just want some nudes- I MEAN NEWS! I wanna hear the news! RDubs: man if you want nudes you can just come to my house! Fave: really? RDubs: no, hah Fave: ABSOLUTELY! RDubs: SIKE! Fire: you got anyone? Fave: well i got Ambutterfly how filled up my contacts get *ONE WEEK LATER* Fire: Hey Fave, i have 40 contacts on SnapBLOX how about you? Fire: so you still have 1? Fave: what? NO! Fire: step your game up fave, if you wanna get nudes you gotta put yourself out there Fave: CLUB PENGUIN? Fire: YEAH TOTALLY! NAH BITCH! We're going to club magma *Club Magma, 2015* Fire: fave, no. that's now how you get chicks, just watch *fire walks up to a chick* Fire: hola amiga, qu� quiere este pene? Chick: NO PINDEJO! *chick slaps fire* Fire: okay... maybe that didn't work Fave: i got game with the ladies, watch. White Girl: YOU GOT STARBUCKS? Fave: got snapBLOX? White Girl: YEAH, ADD ME I'M STARBUCKSLOVER88 Fave: oh cool! here's some starbucks, meet me in the bathroom White Girl: ALRIGHT! Fave: that was great, see ya another time? White Girl: hit me up on snapBLOX, we should get a streak going Fave: hell yeah! Fire: where did you learn how to get pussy that easily? Fave: it's simple! white girls LOVE starbucks, just give them the starbucks and they'll be all over your dick like a zipper Fire: like a zipper? Fave: ZIIIP! Fire: say no more, watch me *fire walks up to nicco* Fire: ay gurl, i got some starbucks, wanna Fire: WHAT THE FUCK NICCO? Nicco: WHY ARE YOU HITTING ON ME? Fire: YOU LOOKED LIKE A GIRL FROM BEHIND! Nicco: I'M A GROWN MAN! Fire: YES HUH! Nicco: YOU STARTING BEEF BOY? Fire: LIKE A BURGER BOY! *NICCO AND FIRE PULL OUT GUNS*

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Posted by: ethanjbrady on Aug 28, 2016

i mlg robloxfave today like and subscribe

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