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Patrick 3 - Demon Body Hoppers, Traveling through TIME

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: How I, as demon Body hopped - Patrick This is Patrick for centuries I body hopped my specific target was the possession of males in the beginning after crossing over, and experiencing me as a demon both with rage, fiery hatred, and anger also the deep, root of sadness and sorrow I savour, the specific signature of the seven men that had murdered my wife and my child, to whom I made the promise that I would hunt them down Life after Life after Life incarnation after incarnation after incarnation and do onto them what they'd done onto me thought within being into the interdimensional existence as a demon, a certain madness consumes you especially when existing as the manifestation of anger and fiery and hatred and sadness and sorrow, and pain yes, I experience pain in men's so it came to be that I no more specifically target were targeted those seven men in particular I targeted any male any man who had a specific signature the exact same signature as out of the seven men who had murdered my wife and my child in front of my eyes and this signature was man who consisted of and existed as anger itself and the signature was, red and orange and deep blue in color I would search them out- find them and integrate myself and manifest myself as of possessed man who have the signature that I was looking for who existed within and as anger within and as- themselves because in being a demon within the interdimensional existence we were very much dependent on that which we consisted of in other words I consist of anger, primarily anger so hard, so ferocious, so cold that I didn't care for anything or anyone I stood still remain with the promise I made that one point! which I remember because in being within the interdimensional existences as a demon for hundreds of years the madness extended but through out the hundreds of years we interdimensional existence as a demon I remember one thing, and that one thing was removing and destroying the Lifes of man with a particular signature as a signature of the man, who had murdered my wife and my child and so my existence within the interdimensional existence as a demon for centuries was body hopping male after male after male I would integrate- I would search out for their signature which was deep blue red and orange the signature of- existence anger within and as the being which was what I'll also needed to survive and to exist as a demon within the interdimensional existence because I fed off that anger within them I would possess them, take over the being take over their Lifes destroy their Lifes and then have them- be killed or I removed myself within and as the being and that was me the demon- who never rested and never stopped feeding off the anger the rage- of man human beings within and as this world for me to be able to exist as a demon and at the same time I live by the promise that I have made to destroy the Lifes of those- who have these specific signature as a signature of the men who killed my wife and my child in front of my eyes and this continue for hundreds and hundreds of years thank you Please join us for Discussion: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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