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Kabbalah 1 - 5

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Hi everyone! Welcome to class #5 of the Power of Kabbalah course last time, last session we spoke about Tikkun, transformation in a deeper level changing patterns... shifting destiny... raising our conciousness in a deep, deep level today's class will be about the ultimate Tikkun which is the power of giving and the power of sharing as one of the most powerful tools to transform and to connect to the light of the Creator when we speak about giving and sharing it is actually one of the most misunderstood concepts When I'm saying misunderstood, I mean Satan did a great job to cause us to not connect to the real intention of sharing and giving the real purpose behind it and as a result we don't really get the benefits and the real original intention of the Creator by giving us the chance and the opportunity to be givers and sharers so let me ask you and as I'm talking write it down for yourself Why do you share? Why do you give? In any way? helping random people... helping in a charity... being kind to others... listening to others... giving advice to others... volunteering... giving donation... giving your heart, your time, your energy Why? Why do you? What's the intention? to someone you'd say, "Because someone need help... because it makes me feel good... because it's the right thing to do... because I can... because I care about the world... I want to make the world a better place" and as we're honest with ourselves, sometimes we have agenda because other people feel good about me... because if I were not, I'd feel guilty... because it makes me feel good about myself... because I'm getting something in return from that person... or hope to get something in return from that person.... because I feel more in control when I'm the giver and not the receiver... I'd rather be the giver... I feel proud about it... because of tax benefits... there are many, many different reasons some of them appear neutral as the first list we mentioned some of them clearly look like agenda but I have to say that Satan did a great job to cause us to really have no clue the purpose of sharing because every good person in this world believe in 'love thy neighbors', 'thyself' believe in good actions of sharing and being nice to other people but the reason why very often as good as I am I still feel stuck in life and the reason why very often after helping and sharing I still have a bad taste and something is missing and I don't feel the circuitry and the reason why my life is not really improving in a major way through sharing and giving to others is because I'm not really connecting to the consciousness of giving and sharing and I'm not truly revealing light and raising my consciousness When I'm doing anything in life naturally because I feel like because I'm a good person because it's the right thing to do because I'm quiet because I don't like to be reactive I'm not saying it's bad but when you don't put intention into something remember-- there's another one putting in intention Who is that other one? The opponent. and even though it looks innocent and great and nice and kind but if there's no consciousness intention, purpose why? And that's a basic restriction to follow. Why am I doing it? What is the bigger picture here? If I'm not asking this question There's probably some major percentage of Satan gets what he wants from that action My ego gets what he wants from that action So let's go back and ask the bigger question What is the purpose? What is the reason the Creator gave us the opportunity to give? We need now to understand the concept called, "the laws of Infinity" or "Like attracts like" What is the law of infinity? It's very simple. In class number two we've learned We, the vessel, the original soul told the light, "I love you and I want to receive you but one thing is missing in my life the ability to be like you" and since then, the laws of infinity takes place which is, to the extent of being like the light, I'm acting like the light--to that extent I can reconnect to the light, reveal the light feel the light, share the light receive the blessings of the light, the abundance of the light So when we learn about be proactive and not reactive is acting like the the laws of infinity the light is a cause and not the effect the light is proactive and not reactive so that's a major tool every time I'm restricting I'm taking control I'm in charge I'm the cause and not the effect I'm not taking control over people which is my ego. I'm taking control over my own opponent so in that moment I stop, I'm in charge, I'm not going to let myself fall. I'm being like the light-- I'm the cause. I'm not into the desire to receive from oneself alone When it comes to the concept of giving the main goal of giving, besides helping others and making the world a better world and making poor people have a better time and helping medically and spiritually and physically in any way I can--that's great but the main of giving kabbalistically is back to the original purpose we came down to this world is the opportunity to be like the light because when I am a giver, when I am a sharer or when I'm outside of the desire to receive for oneself alone which is a constant force in our mind, in our heart It's a constant agenda "What can I get for me? and What can I get for me?" When I'm really focusing and helping others in various ways--small ways or big ways In that moment when I'm really outside of myself alone I'm becoming one with the light because I'm being like the light the laws of infinity, like attracts like and in that moment I'm connecting to the light to the extent that my action is selfless to the extent that I'm really outside of myself without needing any agenda in return in any one person to that extent, I'm really connecting with the light I'm really raising my consciousness getting closer to the light, filled with more light... and with more blessings and the more light I have the more God like I become and more sharing I am and the more outside myself I am because that's the nature of the light more fulfilled with light I am, my heart is more open and becoming a more sharing person but one second--many of you would ask it sounds like an agenda I'm giving for the sake of getting closer to the light Isn't it better just to give because I care? Just to give because I want to share it to make the world a better world don't forget-- there's a purpose within this world we didn't come to this world purposeless just to live just to be kind and nice because we like the world God and the light doesn't need me to make the world better Kabbalah-listically everything that Tikkun is about correction I need to chase opportunity to give because that's my opportunity to connect with the light when I'm connecting to the light, I'm revealing light to the entire world where the world needs not just more food and more money for poverty and solving a political problem what really will solve all problems is the light in the world because that removes darkness so by me getting closer to the light I'm revealing light to everyone as Rav Berg always gives this example when I am in a dark room and I am lighting my own candle am I the only one that will benefit from this light? The answer is 'no'. Everyone will enjoy that light that's the power of the light everyone, it's a blessing for everyone so back to the list of examples we shared why we are sharing when it's about because I feel good... because I feel not guilty because I just like to share or because I have a clear agenda we all have to understand in life, everything that we do we hope to get something the question is: what do I hope to get and from which bank? because we still need energy we are still vessels it's impossible to be "I give...I give...I give and I don't want anything in return" the only question is, from what bank do you want something in return? do you want in return from the one person bank, which is ego? relieving guilt... I feel so proud of myself I'm better than others... I feel in control...or clear off. other people will see I'm amazing...recognition... my ego is pumped I was empty and because I gave I'm a somebody now... It's all temporary ways to get energy from the bank of ego from the bank of Satan which is in charge to fill me up and sometimes he will use actions of giving I'm the giver I'm the one that everyone knows salvate and help and change people and change the world it's a major ego trip where do you think Satan will test us more? when I'm giving in a big way or when I'm just selfish when I'm selfish, I'm already with Satan but when I'm giving Satan says, "Wow! This guy can reveal a lot of light--we need to do something let's affect his intention!" So one way is to receive energy back from where? The bank of ego or to say restriction--I don't want much more people will like it...people are not going to like it... I'm going to get recognition...even though my ego wants it I want something bigger. I want the light I want to do it for really changing the sake of my nature and transforming my attitude gradually I become more and more being of sharing because as I'm shifting my nature, my DNA to become more being of sharing and becoming one with the light and I'm filled with light now, when I'm filled with light... Kabbalahlistically, it is not considered to be one percent filled agenda more light I have, more light I am more sharing I am and that in Kabbahah code, is to receive for the sake of sharing so I can have temporary receiving which is, "I don't have any intention--I just just give because" somehow there's an agenda even if they're not aware I like to be appreciated. I don't feel there is any problem so long as people appreciate, but when people don't appreciate suddenly I'm shut down and I'm so upset--it means all the time I needed appreciation we all have a certain Tikkun about giving sometime we can't stand when we're not appreciated sometimes we can't stand when it's uncomfortable I like to give only when it's comfortable sometimes I can't stand when no one knows about it but if you ask yourself what do you really want--I want the light I want the fulfillment from within I want the real closeness to the light because that's what's going to shift my consciousness the most and because that's what's going to lasting blessing in every aspect of my life Imagine, after a charity night your peers that worked less than you in the charity get all the recognition and you do not and it's so're so down how come? It's so unfair you lost all the blessing-because you did great work for the charity but he got he recognition meanwhile, it happened already my ego didn't get what he wants, so be happy because I got the light I did the work and really cared about those kids no, no, no but what about my ego? If you want for the ego, you're gonna lose the light what do you want? It's a choice. What do I want? Do I want to trade off the little temporary sugar that I'm getting from my ego for lasting light that might create protection from disease... might create miracles in my life and that's the first question I need to know what do I want? do I want true closeness to the light? or do I want to feel and receive "I feel good"? there's nothing wrong about feeling good and in normal life there's always some ego attached to it we're not's about getting better it's about having the right intention and gradually transforming, but let's be aware 99% of the time our giving and our sharing and our kindness somehow involve with feeding our ego somehow and as a result I'm not getting the true benefit and the true blessing because if we're really honest with ourselves, at least 97% of our time we're into our-self alone. when we walk in the street...when we eat... when we talk to people... when we're selling something at's all about me getting me getting...when we're on a date me getting and imagine, one of the main goals of the day please the light...give me the strength to transform my intention I want to start to be outside of myself gradually...from 3% giver to 4% giver 5% giver because our goal is to become a being of sharing the idea of 'love thy neighbor as yourself' or "do not do to others what you would not like others to do to you" is the whole idea of seeing the bigger picture and having the opportunity to be like the light it's not because I'm righteous and not because I'm spirtual like the Rothberg says many's good to want more light in my life. It's good to be more greedy to want more light in my life because more light in my life is more light in the world but the only way to do it is by being outside of myself I can study Kabbalah all day long. I can learn about my Tikkun and my restriction and my change...but if I'm the same person and I'm not elevating my consciousness to be more being of sharing in every area of my life...gradually my life will not change because after all, when we speak about the infinity law the main attributes of the light is energy of giving and sharing and giving can manifest itself with the basics of human dignity treating others with respect the same way we like to be respected and there's many tasks during the day you have a bad mood, you have no energy to smile to give energy..basic kindness start with that! basic human dignity; family, friends, strangers let's look at those there's another level when I'm asked to when I'm being asked, "can you please help me? can you please help me?" or somebody expresses need and you're jumping to the opportunity not because you have to not because they asked but because here is the opportunity to be outside of myself I love it! And the third level is proactive decision to spend three hours of my time to give to help proactively, if I'm not increasing the quality and the quantity of the giving of my life...I will not see changes in my life when person is sad...when a person is down... what's human nature? To think more about myself. I'm sad so sadness triggers thoughts fast! fast! fast! To me to not worry. What's the remedy? Stop thinking! You cannot shut down that computer One of the suggestions Rothberg would say " stop and say, 'what can I do for someone else now?'" Yes, but what do you mean for someone else? I've got my own cast but that darkness in your mind or in your heart is lack of light you want to get closer to the light especially when you feel so much into yourself do something for someone else--not because you want them to like you because you want to raise your consciousness because you're now stuck in the bottom of your consciousness because in a lot of our consciousness, even though our goal is supposed to grow gradually in life there are always ups and downs there and part of life is falling into sadness is into falling down this is a test and opportunity...I'm not going to fight it I'm not going to be down down, I'm not going to be down, I'm going to be happy sometimes it's about 'WHAT CAN I DO FOR SOMEONE ELSE?' let me call someone...let me pray for someone let me heal the pain of someone... let me give away something not for the sake of agenda for the sake of truly igniting the light that exists within and you'll be amazed when you start to focus on someone else suddenly the energy is coming back and then you need to restrict the ego that comes with it "Wow I'm special...I'm great" That becomes an ego trip already. you need to let it go and connect to humility the more in depth practically some of the tools about giving the consciousness we understood do you want to give for the sake of getting energy from the bank or ego or for the sake of connecting to the light, getting closer to the light revealing more light in the world and changing your consciousness and improving your life that's the question I need to ask myself. and there's nothing wrong about saying, "I want more light in my life and that's the reason I want to give more of myself" because if you don't have this consciousness when things are tough, you are not going to give because why should I give? but if you know that giving is to the light then you know that when it's tough you'll do it So another important concept called "receiving for the sake for sharing" what about being talented? At work? At making money? Making a huge business? singing...writing...communicating I receive something amazing in life I receive gifts, so I feel bad I feel guilty that I'm not a we should welcome gifts, we should welcome talent we should welcome success if we understand it's there in my life just for the sake of sharing if it is only for my ego I will get nothing out of it but if it is for the sake of sharing I'll have endless blessings so if I'm acquiring wealth and I understand the Creator put me and gave me this platform...this stage in life of success and it can add value to the workers... to the world...through the benefits...through the funds...through the money then it's actually a blessing that's also considered to be sharing so sharing doesn't just mean " I need to share, share share" sometimes it's about take what opportunity you can away so that as long as you understand that taking and taking and taking never fills us up it will never fill us up...always feel empty It is actually a gift...the only reason it was given to me is so I can use this gift for the sake of sharing and not for myself alone because if I'm taking my writing abilities my communication abilities...for my ego for my pride and not for using it for the sake of sharing not only is it not going to help me, it will cause chaos and pain in my life but when I'm using those talents and blessings that came my way to receive this abundance and to think, "It's not mine...I'm just a channel" as the Rothberg would say, "I'm not the owner of all the blessings in my life I'm just the manager of all the blessings in my life how can I channel it and use it for the sake of sharing? for the sake of revealing light for the sake of revealing good in the world? without the ego?" when I'm thinking this way the sky's the limit I need to think big about everything in life I want to acquire more success in every area of my life I want to affect change in every area of my life so I use my desires to achieve but to direct them for the sake of sharing It's not easy because the ego wants to grab but one essential element and I want to read a section from the Zohar Zohar Verse 41: [speaking in Hebrew] and first to remind you as we're hearing and seeing the letters of Zohar we are receiving light and strength to become what the Zohar describes which is truly receiving for the sake of sharing in this section the Zohar tell us when a person receives wealth, when a person receives kids when a person receives beauty If a person just uses it for his own private, his own ego... my charity sometime we get pride by the charity... or my kids...or my beauty or look at my child then we're no actually seeing it as an opportunity to reveal more light in the world that same blessing will become a curse in our life but if we truly understand this is a blessing given to us for the sake of sharing then we can actually expend our vessel to be even a greater channel to reveal light the power of receiving for the sake of sharing the Kabbalah teaches, "think big don't think small" It's not spiritual of us for our spirtual life to be small I want a little bit it's about wanting a lot because I want to give a lot very powerful concept in every area in our life Another essential concept about giving transformational giving if I give only when it's comfortable I'm not raising my consciousness I'm not truly transforming myself and actually each one of us in our own level is comfortable to give and to share to a degree but what will really shift my consciousness what will really change my life and get me closer to the light is those opportunities that I'm giving and sharing beyond my comfort zone when it's uncomfortable when it requires stretch...when it makes me vulnerable when it's not in the time I wanted to to do it. when it's not exactly with the person I wanted to do it but deep inside I know it's the right thing Sometimes transformational giving learning is learning when to say no some people because that's how you help them... sometimes transformational giving is criticizing someone proactively to helpt them to change because they need that tough love yes, but I'm a nice guy... that's not transformational giving transformational giving is those areas that can give beyond my comfort zone and that's actually my Tikkun in giving... when I'm not comfortable when it's beyond sharing physically...sharing wealth...sharing heart... sharing time... opening up...letting people in... kindness we're kind when we feel good we have a tough time to smile when we don't feel so great those are the real tests in life the moment of discomfort the moment I have my own issues, leave me alone right now how long should I transform? should I ever be comfortable? of course there'll be a lot of comfortable moment because I've already reached that level of giving and I'm not saying we should maintain it, but during the course of the day let's look for the moments where it's uncomfortable to give...uncomfortable to share uncomfortable to extend ourselves uncomfortable to dedicate myself for someone else uncomfortable for myself to commit to help something, to help someone, to help a cause but if I want really to have changes in my life it's the only way if you want to shift from number 10,000th best tennis player in the world to 100... you need to go through some shift and discomfort in the transformation of your style at the beginning you feel like less than 1000th but as you persist you'll become'll have a chance to become number 100th in the world everything in life, you want real transformation it has to go beyond the comfort zone for a lot of people spirituality is about comfortable... I'm meditating...I see the light I love people... Kabbalah is about transformation not being good, being better..conquer those areas that are uncomfortable for me and make them comfortable and reach the next level of course, gradually as we're doing so... we want to open our heart to open our heart to the extent I love to do takes time certain things we love to do and then certain areas we don't feel we love to do we love to help certain people... we feel we should but I don't love... and then you transform yourself gradually you're doing with the right intention to reveal light and you want to reach a level then you'll have to do it and as you persist you will achieve that transformation another important concept and element when it comes to giving there's many levels of giving there's giving to the poor... there's listening to advice... there's giving empathy there's praying for other people... there's giving little gestures... there's being there to consult... there's being there for truly being there for others to listen to people... to hug people... to give warmth and kindness to people... Zohar speaks about the highest level of giving that reveals the most light in the world for the world, for the receiver, for the giver what is that action? it is helping another person to transform their consciousness helping another to overcome the Satan consciousness helping another person and empowering another person to overcome their reactive nature...selfish nature helping another person to understand what the purpose is in life in the Kabbalah that is called "spreading light" when we're sharing Kabbalah with you when you share what you know with someone else when you take upon yourself "yes, I'd like to inspire someone else about these teachings" you are spreading light. you're empowering another human being to understand their purpose in life... you're empowering another person to shift their consciousness which is the seed of bringing blessings in this world when I am as a giver involving helping others to transform their consciousness, there's no other bigger gifts than this I receive in person many gifts from the Kabbalah centers...from my teachers... the the Rav Berg and Karen Berg the biggest gift I receive personally is the ability to be apart of inspiring others to transform themself because what I'm doing actually I'm causing collective transformation of the world giving someone a fish versus empowering and teaching a person how to fish it's always a great the level of giving physically but spiritually giving tools and sharing tools with another person on how to transform themself there's nothing greater that we can do than be involve to elevate our consciousness and bring more light and more blessings in the world what can we do with this information? sounds great, but what can we do? we have to start with simple steps step #1: start your day, besides asking the light to help you recognize your re-activity and your Tikkun and to be more proactive throughout the course of the day ask the light to help you be in a mood of sharing start to catch yourself injecting the intention at work...with friends in a social scenario... how can I be a giver? how can I add value? really selfless--not to receive anything from my ego for the sake of connecting to the light and revealing more light pay attention to the test, that's #1 #2: until the next session I would like of each one of you to choose two scenarios two people, two incidence where you can give and share beyond your comfort zone you know it's tough for you it may be about calling someone... revealing something that may not be easy for you... but you know will add value to the other person it's about giving beyond your comfort zone physically can be with many, with time, with heart in any way possible two actions that you conscientiously decide to do besides the general consciousness intention of your day how can I be more like the light? when we realize how selfish we are we're actually starting to get closer to the light because we're all selfish, most of the time it's not bad, we shouldn't beat ourselves up with this I'm realizing that I didn't realize I thought I'm such a righteous nice guy I thought, "everybody's a nice guy!" but what's a percentage of the day I'm into myself alone, in my head? unfortunately, most of the day without proactive decisions and commitments to push forward it's not going to change, it's not going to be by itself it's not that I'm just listening to a nice spiritual lesson that's it--I'm a transformed human being like everything else in life I want to change my style my consciousness, my action I have to commit... I have to persevere... I have to reflect... until I'm owning and earning a new consciousness and then I need to push to the next level and next level and next level all the best

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Kabbalah 1 - 5

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