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6 Cs: Communicating in advance - Darlene Ruiz

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Welcome to LEAD weekly. This is LEAD weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. In this series about the 6 Cs of leadership, we are exploring the skills you identified in the MDP survey this year. Today we will hear from Darlene, who is working as a Community Center Coordinator in Cancun. She has been there for 6 years and has a lot of experience. She will be sharing with us about planning communication far enough in advance to facilitate success for your team. Communication is a very important skill, since it allows us to transfer and exchange ideas as projects. These must be clear, Assertive and Specific, this will motivate to work as a team, creating an environment of trust and successfully achieving the assigned tasks. This way we will avoid anger, frustration or misunderstandings. How did I learn it? I have a story that I want to share with you. So you will see why it is so important to communicate in a correct way. We had a project about fifteen years old from one of our girls, so I took time for this day to be so special to her. Everything was perfectly ready and ready everything was on my mind that day I communicated it in a way not correct, neither assertive, nor clear nor does it specify. When I went for the family we had a problem, we were late for decoration, when we arrived everything was ready. those tables where the food was going to be they were decorated but really They were decorated for a Mexican night that for a fifteen year old party I was really angry and frustrated, not with the people who had helped me because they were not responsible I was mad at myself because I had not communicated clearly A friend approached me and he gave me a couple of tips, which I included in these tips that I am going to give you next. I make a list or brainstorm of the things that I want to communicate or of the things that I want in this project then I discard those that are not viable then I make a start time and I finish, as activities that could be in that event I also suggest some people so they can help me in these activities I also make a list including even photos if necessary so that I can transmit them in a more correct way and project what is my idea I also ask them to the team if these things are viable or there are things to add or drop completely I think this is something very important these are my tips for today I hope it helps you how it helped me thank you ....

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