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Thierry Mercier, CSC - Procurement function : Evolving ?

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This crisis has brought quite a few things to the company and has changed client-supplier relationships. This crisis reveals 3 major points : risks, Opportunities and responsabilities notions The risk is multiple. The non-integration of a sustainable development strategy leads to risks for the company-image (companies no longer have the choice) and risks in the legal sense. The crisis, however, offers a double opportunity; an opportunity for operational efficacy for the company (the company and the procurement department need to reconsider their operational strategies) and an opportunity for procurement, which, henceforth is in a position to improve a certain number of things and, in particular, a fundamental indicator: the expenditure coverage rate. A lot of companies “chase” after this coverage rate, and even the largest groups (the most optimally structured) do not have a coverage rate that verges on 90 or 100%. The crisis offers, at last, new challenges in terms of responsibility. The actors, who participate today to this debate, are the leading actors which have means in terms of resources, expertise and financial resources required for steering this type of change. Nonetheless, These leading companies are not representative of the all industrial networks of the tertiary sector. Suppliers of these leading companies are not necessarily well-armed or capable of satisfying their demands. These leading ordering parties hold the responsibility of supporting their suppliers who, in certain cases, are not yet ready to respond to this market change.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 12, 2010

Thierry Mercier - CSC Director - is making a point about the evolution of procurement function. What's new for the procurement function since the crisis?

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