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Configuring the Theme

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Configuring the Theme with Joe Shindelar This tutorial covers how to edit a Theme settings to update the color scheme and add a logo. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to edit the settings of the default core Bartik theme to change the color scheme and add a custom logo. Before starting this tutorial, you want to make sure you're familiar with the concept of themes and the role that they play. In the Manage administrative menu, click on Appearance. Under the Installed themes section of the page, you'll find Bartik listed as your default theme. Click the Settings link for Bartik to configure this theme. Under the Color scheme section, click inside each color build box and type the proper color codes you would like to add. I'll go ahead and fill it in with the example values from the written version of this tutorial. As a note, you can also use the color wheel on the right to select colors of your choice. The web color code will be added for you. If you scroll down a little bit, under Logo, uncheck Use the logo supplied by the theme. Under Upload logo image, click the button to locate a logo file and upload it to your site. As a note, you can also set a universal logo for all themes under the main settings tab on the Appearance page. A custom logo for your theme however, will always override the universal logo. Once you've selected the file you would like to upload, you will see its file name next to the Choose file button in your browser. In order to save your changes and see the updated colors and logo on your site, click Save configuration at the bottom of the page. Notice that under Color scheme, there's a Preview section that displays a sample of how your website will look with the new settings. Click Back to site or Home in the toolbar to navigate back to the front page of your site and verify that you have updated the core Bartik theme settings for your website. You can see our logo and the colors applied. One final note, if you do not see the effect of these changes in your site, you might need to clear the cache first. In this tutorial, we learned how to customize the settings for the Bartik theme and change the colors used for our theme as well as uploading a custom logo. The settings available will vary per theme but the process for configuring a theme is generally the same.

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Configuring the Theme

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