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Coaches Week 2016 Final

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National Coaches Week September 17 - 25 Probably the coaches that stand out for me are my parents, my Mom and Dad. Because when you’re young that’s a critical time for developing as an athlete and getting the confidence and they okay to do things as a kid and my Mom and Dad never said no when I wanted to play hockey. My coach was Mr. Jim Mitchell, he was my high school coach, and he is my mentor coach now My most influential coach, especially when I was in youth sports was my uncle My coach is great coach because he cares for his athletes. He is very responsive and he is there for good critical feedback He has helped me a lot throughout the past couple years I guess that I’ve known him. And he is a very important part of my life. She’s instilled in me to always stay positive, to forget about the mistakes I’ve made and to learn from them. He has taught me to work hard, and just to keep pushing – be the best athlete I can be. I would like to say a special thank you to my coach Jim Mitchell I would like to thank my coach Dexter Bligh, he’s a great guy I’d like to say thanks to my coach Emma Cottier from Victoria, BC. Thanks Coach I’m Travis Lulay, quarterback for the BC Lions. Thanks coach. Special thanks to our regional delivery partners Fortius Sport and Health, Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence, Pacific Sport and Whistler Sport Legacies. Coaches Week in BC is supported by viaSport British Columbia and the Government of British Columbia. Changing the game. Changing lives.

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