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Project Ravensdale

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Hey there, we are Black Forest Games A year ago we have successfully funded our first project right here on Kickstarter and now we would love to present you our new exciting game you will learn about the gameplay, the crazy world of Ravensdale, why you can trust us and why we need you Ravensdale is going to be unlike anything we've even seen or done before. the best Run'N'Gun platformer in a matching high octane setting. The operator is a band of diesel powered knights who storm hords of orks and goblins. You will use all kinds of crazy gadgets, to rocket boost and blast yourself from equally crazy foes. Ravensdale will be fast and furious, outrages and reckless. Awesome action for up to 4 players in a medieval oil-rig city we call it garage-fantasy we are a multicultural, indie videogame development team located in the Black Forest, like the real forest, not the cake. A year ago over 6000 backers trusted us here on Kickstarter. With their help we made our first dream-project come true. Giana Sister: Twisted Dreams was the first Kickstarter game to be greenlit on steam. We brought it to all major platforms and got keyguest reviews all around the world we met our deadline, we overdelivered, and it was an awesome example of teamwork between our backers and us We wanted to make a Ravensdale game for almost a decade, but the oportunity to start working in it came up recently we are in the very begining of its development, we have awesome ideas, a strongful crew and we are currently prototyping the gameplay to deliver the best possible experience. You can see the footage is a blast and that's how we want the game to be the truth is that what you see is just our best assets put together to convey our vision and some prototype material. That's where we at. We have a great team, but we can not reach our goal alone We are using revenues of our first project to get started but we need your support to take off. We need you to fuel the project It's only going to happen with your support, your input and your enthusiasm. Ravensdale is unique garage fantasy world. It's medieval meets machine. furnace orks, nitro goblins, piston knights everything runs on oil - really everything We want to push the envelope and fast-paced interactions with your enemies and surroundings grab, smash, launch, shock, bounce, experiment with all the possible combinations That's cool but even more awesome to play with friends There are many games with 4-players coop on one screen but we literally have forces between the players we want you to feel like you've performed incredible feats together cooperation goes beyond the game we are proud to annouce that we will team-up with the amazing medieval rockers IN EXTREMO Hello everybody, this is Specky TD of IN EXTREMO, we are really looking forward to work with Black Forest Games and I think it's a perfect match to have Ravensdale and IN EXTREMO combined in one game, so have fun. We will deliver Ravensdale in the 2nd quarter 2014. On time, like our previous project. That's less than one year, then you will be able to play the game. The more support we get, the more we can deliver by adding more people to the project. We have bonus content you can vote on so follow our updates and stay tuned. garage fantasy oil-rigs orks and goblins wacky machinery makeshift weapons over the top forces gadgets awesome visuals fast-paced teamwork kickstarter proven team and IN EXTREMO BRING ON THE RAVENSDALE! Tell your friends! Spread the word! We can't reach everyone and coverage is important

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Posted by: domger on Jul 23, 2013

We are back to Kickstarter, because we believe in the power of crowdfunding. We succeeded with our previous campaign, we met our goal and we delivered on our promises, releasing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams to multiple platforms before we set our sights on a new project.

This time we are set on creating a new game from the ground up, completely from scratch. New ideas, new concept, from beginning to end, no holds barred.

That's why we are here. Creating a game this way is risky, it might get dirty, but we really wouldn’t have it any another way! Kickstarter puts all the creative power in our hands and we don't want to waste this gift of freedom in order to play it safe.

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