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Hi everyone. My name is Tham Weng Gie. and I'm second year FSKKP student. Today, the topic that I'm going to talk about is "Which one is better? Living in a city or in a village." In my opinion, city life is better than village life. In past era, people most likely live in village and most of them were engaged in algriculture area to earn income. But now, in the modern era, the situation has been reversed. People have fast access to what their needs in the cities. As time passes, more and more people leave village and move to cities, seeking a new life. Besides, there has been more growth and extension in city life as cities provide advanced facilities for job opportunities, medical treatment, transportation and so on. For education, children in cities are well-educated since cities have multiple forms of education such as colleges and universities. For works and careers, living in the city provides people with thousands of career choices. Professionals have access to large businesses, hospitals and educational facilities for work opportunities. On the other hand, villages have a smaller population than cities, so there are fewer jobs available in the villages. People with less education is more easily to find jobs in customer service or entry-level jobs. Apart from that, city is full of enhancement and it is mostly preferred by the youth. Therefore, living in a city is better as people can get more satisfication and convenience in city compared to village. Moreover, people's safety and healthy is more guaranteed in the city compared to village. For example, if rare conditions such as fire or accident were happened, ambulances or firetrucks may take few minutes to arrive in a city. While in village, getting to a hospital in an emergency may take precious time. Police are readily accessible in cities as well. When crime is committed, police arrive on the scene quickly and access to the latest technology to solve the crime. In conclusion, I'll continue to live in city in the future since there are many benefits with living in the city. Thank you.

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Posted by: adeline.wg on Oct 25, 2018

Topic : Which one is better ? Living in a city or a village.

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