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20170319 Roles

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So, when you’re a limousine or a taxi driver, you’re responsible for picking up your client and taking them from point A to point B, and that’s pretty much it. When you’re an Uber driver, yes, that is your responsibility, but you’re getting a rating at the end of that trip. Not only are you being rated on your ability to take your client, and go pick them up and then drop them off, you’re also being rated on the experience that client has in the car. So you need to manage your client’s experience every step of the way. That also means you’re a customer experience manager because you need to ensure that that client has a great experience from the moment you accept the trip to the moment you drop them off. What about when you’re a limousine or taxi driver and you hit traffic. You get all excited because that actually means more money. But when you’re an Uber driver, that’s not what it means. In fact it means, it’s a problem. Uber riders expect you to find your way around that traffic. You need to solve this problem. And problems can come in a variety of different ways, but that also means you’re a problem solver. When you’re an Uber driver you have three roles. You have the role of a driver. You have the role of a customer experience manager. And you have the role of a problem solver. And that’s the Uber difference. That’s the Uber culture. And that’s the shift in perspective I need everybody to make today. Because this is not just a driving job. It is so much more.

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20170319 Roles

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