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Guy Kawasaki - Great innovators change their mind + Apple example

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Great innovators, great leaders, they change their mind. I think that many people believe that changing your mind is a sign of weakness or stupidity. That could not be further from the truth. Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence and courage. It truly is because it takes the intelligence to realize you're wrong, and the courage to admit it, and go forth with a new plan. Let me show you an example from Apple. So, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he said this, "Our innovative approach using Web 2.0 base standards lets developers create amazing new applications while keeping the iPhone secure and reliable." Let me translate what he's saying. He's saying that the iPhone is a fundamentally closed system that if you want to develop any additional functionality for an iPhone, you have to use Web 2.0 base standards, which is Apple speak for Safari plugin. Closed system. Apple and Steve did it because they wanted to keep your phone secure and reliable. Thank you, Steve. A year goes by. Apple executives showcase Mac OSX Leopard and OSX iPhone development platform at the WWDC 2008 Keynote. Let me translate this for you. This is Apple saying, "We're opening up the iPhone." Now, there's a development platform you can write any kind of app you want for an iPhone. So, we've gone from closed system to open system in one year. It's a 180 degree reversal. Let's just say that if Apple did not reverse itself like this, it probably would not have become a trillion dollar company. It may have died. Perhaps, it would be on the slide that I had with Kodak, and Polaroid, and Smith Corona. So, because of the change of mind, the reversal, the admission of a mistake, and the fixing of a mistake, it opened up iPhone to millions of kinds of software and applications. It's one of the key factors that made the iPhone successful. So, innovators, revolutionaries, great leaders, they change their minds. It's a sign of courage and intelligence to do so.

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Guy Kawasaki - Great innovators change their mind + Apple example

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