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Dirty Pretty Things Review

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so dirty pretty things is a british film directed by Steven Frears it stars a Nigerian immigrant his name is Okwe and he came to London to make a better life for himself He works as a mini cab driver by day and a hotel receptionist by night well one night when he is working he went in one of the hotel rooms and in the toilette he found a human heart I mean he wanted to tell the authorities but he couldn't do that and risk being deported so he keeps it to himself he eventually confide in Senay it is played by Audrey Tautou Senay is a Turkish immigrant who found refuge in London save by herself so they both have similar interest but Okwe never really explains himself to her he is like the strong silent type but he won't tell her a story he never even told her he is from Nigeria his boss found out but they both know this heart and eventually they find out that their boss is heading an illegal operation in the hotel well I mean they form a close bond but they still can't tell anyone but there is an undeniable attraction between the two through out the film Okwey just insisted that it can't be I mean you learn why but he won't tell you and I don't know Senay got frustrated with this and eventually she just wants him to leave her alone but the director Steven Frears shows the ugly side of unscene London he doesn't try to glorify it at all I mean it's about the real deal and had 4 wins at the british indipedent film award and it was nominated for an Oscar and had 16 other wins in 19 other nomination so it really got out there as it should because it's powerful should get our recognition my favorite part is the quotes that have double meaning said had double meaning one british caracter who is checking into the hotel asks Okwey How can I never seen you here before and Okwey responds because we are the people you never see which obviously has a double meaning I work the night. He doesn't mean I work the night shift we're here but you just don't know about us don't know about our lives so melissawatch gave this a 9 out of 10 it really is informative and powerful if you want to see your movie being reviewed comment this blog and let me know which movie and why and I can do reviewing it next so thanks for watching

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Posted by: melissawatch on Mar 11, 2009

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