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Benji Overview V3

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My name is Benji Hutchinson, I am the senior director for our federal business in Washington DC. and we primarily focus on federal government business for NEC Corporation of America The Aviation Industry is changing quite a bit. There are a lot of challenges that the industry faces today A lot of which have to do with security, but there are also some challenges around throughput and the increase in overall flights that are going through the infrastructure of aviation. So we're talking about airports, airlines and then all of the steak-holders who are involved in that, including the Federal Government. According to the International Air Transport Association, approximately 100,000 flights take off every day around the globe. And that counts for about 3.7 billion travelers in 2017. That Number is gonna exponentially grow over the next decade. Now in the United States the infrastructure for airplanes and airports has not been upgraded sufficiently to meet that demand. So what that means for our technology is, we can provide different types of technology for security. But also to enhance travelers experience as they move through those aviation spaces. After 9/11 things changed dramatically and there were a numbers of laws enacted to enhance security in airports. And since then it's been a challenge to implement some of the technology that would enhance security. But today it's more that security. It's also for convenience for travelers. So one of the things that the Aviation Industry is focusing on is going paperless and using biometrics technology to achieve that goal. So, from the beginning of the conception of the trip. From reservations to destination. The goal is to make the experience a lot more convenient and a lot more fun for the traveler. We want it to be as seamless as possible, and some of the technologies that we provide help achieve that goal. One good example is, decades ago you had to have a paper ticket, today you have a digital ticket on your phone and in the future we believe that you may not even need the digital ticket. Your face can be your ticket And that face image can be used to purchase items in an aviation space whether in an airport or on a plane, and it becomes a lot more seamless and a lot more convenient for the traveler. One cornerstone of our technology offering is facial recognition. And NeoFace Express is a technology that allows travelers to use a paper ticket or a boarding card with their face to ensure that that individual is the same person who bought the ticket and it's the same person who is going to board the flight. And it's important because t's the first step in allowing for a biometric exit system which is mandated by U.S law. It closes the loop with foreign travelers who have a visa. Whether or not they've overstayed their visa, which provides a layer of security. But also, it increases efficiency because ultimately you no longer have to have individuals stationed at a gate checking tickets and checking ID's. They can more efficiently aboard the plane, and along with that enhance level of security, It's checking that facial image against the data base of known persons. Outside of the Aviation Space there are a lot of other use cases for this technology One good example would be stadiums or theme parks. Cruise Lines is another good example All of these places have a requirement to identify individuals and provide a layer of security, but also a level of convenience for the customers. And that's really what we want to get to, we want to make it a safe experience. We want to make it a more convenient experience for our customers no matter the environment. So I'd like to thank you for your time. Thank you for watching If you're interested in learning more please visit us on the web at

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Benji Overview V3

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